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"As with any healthy relationship, the first thing the young couple must do is hide the body." Ran across the most entertaining description of a rather common beetle today. Enjoy!
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Sounds like one could make a beetle film noir with them as the stars. Funny and informative, thanks.
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Metafilter: The male will continue signaling to attract females, at which point the female on the scene will physically interfere, by pushing him over, jumping on top of him, and pinching him with her jaws.
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Oh, you need a corpse to see these things? I'll run down to Taco Hell, back in a jiff....
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If more than one beetle finds a corpse, the males will fight amongst themselves, and the females will do likewise, until all but the strongest of each gender have been driven off, and the winners of each gender will mate.

* eyes mist up, goes to find high school yearbook *
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If you think that's 'interesting', check out the next day's entry, when they flip over the beetle.
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If only Gregor Samsa could have known what was waiting for him Out There. That whole ending could have been so much happier!
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Creepy. My boyfriend will love this.
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Paging scarabic.
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When a male attracts her, she checks out the male, inspects the corpse by patting it with her forelegs and antennae, and she even inspects the ground to see if it is suitable for digging. Then, and only then, does she choose to ovulate...

Smart girl!
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I've been reading this blog all morning now. Thanks for the post!
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Good god, I've been such a fool! You're supposed to HIDE THE BODY!

No wonder the second date went so badly.
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bugs are so delightfully kinky...
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From the University of Nebraska, the Carrion Beetle Video Gallery [WMV files].

The most amazing video is a time lapse showing a female Nicrophorus* beetle moving a dead mouse from a board into dirt for burial. The most unnerving: symbiotic mites trying to bum a beetle ride to their next meal.

*More at Nicrophorus Central.
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Along the same lines is:

(does anyone know why firefox broke my ability to post links in form fields?)
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good post
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funny and informative! thanks for the post.
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From wendell's link.

This has to be one of my all-time favorite pictures from this site now, because when I first flipped that beetle over I went “Uaaahhhhh! GROSS!”… and then when I found out what was going on, I cried, “HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT?!?”

The enthusiasm of the blogger is delightful. Thanks for the interesting post.
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if there were a site that is the exact opposite of Cute Overload, that is it.
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empath: There already is an opposite to Cute Overload.
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