Origins of the US carpet industry
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How do regional clusters of economic activity get started? For example, why is Dalton, a town in northern Georgia, the center of the American carpet industry? It started with a farm girl named Catherine Evans, who made a tufted bedspread as a wedding present in 1900. Via Paul Krugman.
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ev-ry-ONE needs a STOOL!
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That's a fantastic story.
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Thanks for this.
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This works for economic ethnography, too. See also: Indians and motels.
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wonderful, especially indians and motels link.
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good stuff. more reason to develop economic theories of preference development, since the work we (can) do in the present effects not only what future work we can do but what choices are economically "rational" to us as consumers.

also, this "economic geography" field offers more evidence, if you needed any, that humans, even economic humans, act in collectives and "communities" as much as/more than they act as individuals. [the Economist be damned.]
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also, Given the history of the development of slave labor based on race in the US (white servants allowed guns, blacks not, and all the rest), and the suppression of labor movements on the basis of class; is it at all surprising that people have used (ever-shifting) racial categories as a basis to organize themselves?

inspired by the patel hotel cartel article
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How do regional clusters of economic activity get started?

A very good place to start looking for an answer is Michael E. Porter's 'Competitive Advantage of Nations'.
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