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Cigarette? Cigarette? No disrespect to the seriousness of throat cancer, or to heavy smokers, but these devices may help the unlucky ones, and maybe you'll be more fun at parties. There's a few models to pick from. It was the precursor to the talkbox. Frampton and Stevie Wonder rocked it, But not before Pete Drake and his talking guitar rocked it first. Low on cash Make your own.
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I had been sitting on that stevie wonder link for almost a year now. I kept telling myself I'd do a talkbox post, and never got around to it.

When he jumps in to Papa was a rolling stone, it's probably one of the greatest things I've ever heard.
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Oh, and you have to include Roger and Zapp and Daft Punk.
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1st post...little shakey.
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Yeah, you're usually living on a prayer in your first post.
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Don't feel to bad, phrontist. The stevie wonder link has been posted here before.
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so, so glad I quit smoking.
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I've heard them referred to as "cancer kazoos"
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...may help the unlucky ones...

Does luck come into it? I know a fair bit of stupidity does.
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We had a talk box (we called it a mouth-wah) in a band I was in. Put the bass through it, blows your freaking teeth out.
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I think it's a pretty cool first post. I never really connected the smoking/vocoder angle before.
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Last night I had a dream
It scared the shit out of me
'Cause you were dying
Yeah you were dying
Talk Box L7
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Totally loved that! It's so neat when people figure out fun, affordable ways to do unexpected, interesting stuff. Amazing sounds he made. Cool. Thanks greenspkr, guess this is an eponysterical post, since the speaker box in the video was green.
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i heard jeff beck use one in 1972 at cobo hall in detroit. he made his guitar say "rock me baby, all night long" and electrified the audience.
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It was also used on Rufus/Chaka Khan's Tell Me Something Good.
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smoke is dead...no way
posted by drift85 at 5:46 AM on November 12, 2007

The "ghetto" howto is rad. Want.
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