A grave situation
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ukgraves.info has thousands of photographs of cemeteries and gravestones all over the UK, from City of London to the Kirk of Lammermuir, and random points in between.
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The wife and I visited Kensel Green on a recent trip to the UK. It was well worth the tube ride and short walk. In fact it is one of the most memorable places I've ever been. And once there, it's impossible to take a bad spooky picture.
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Undercliffe Cemetery. That site really needs better pics, but it's the best I can find. Shame, there are some magnificent graves and tombs in there.
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Last summer, I wandered around Abney Park, which was quite lovely and overgrown. It's also the site of one of two unexploded WWII bombs in Stoke Newington, so watch your step!
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My contributions to UK graveyard photography:

St. Peter's, Harborne, Birmingham [1, 2, 3, 4]
Jewellery Quarter Birmingham [1]
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I worked at Old Street for a while and would go to eat my lunch in Bunhill Fields among the remains of the great and good.
I've always liked churchyards and had a job (part of a dole scheme) as a callow youth with the local archaeological survey where I'd get dropped off at some pretty country church to spend the day drawing the Saxon fabric left in the walls. Very pleasant times, and that's without touching on the less salubrious if also traditional pursuits young country couples may engage in amongst the tombstones.
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So how much would I have to pay to have somones name photoshopped on one of those, and have the picture sent to them anonymously?
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My photos of the Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery
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I love, love, love this stuff. Can't get enough of cemeteries. Thanks for this post!
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My photos of the Haldon Hills dog cemetery (not brilliant - bad light, battery running on empty, and unfamiliar camera where I couldn't work out how to change the ISO setting).
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Golders Green Crematorium...

I went to this place this past May. The pictures here don't do it justice.

There's a peacefulness there that you can't quite get in the city. Plus, it's pretty easy to find once you get off the tube.
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This post is just for you srboisvert. ;)
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