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Italian Spider-Man: homemade costume, cheesy 70's music, mafiosos in wrestling masks ... what more could you ask for?
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Can you say big, BIG viral hit?
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... what more could you ask for?

Well, duh. Japanese Spider-Man.
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Actually I thought the Japanese spiderman was pretty amusing. The goofy song, the bad effects, the silly pose, and the sudden introduction of a random mecha was really great.

This post-ironic hipster Italian Spiderman just doesnt cut it. Sincere badness is funny. Artificial badness is too cool for me I suppose.
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Indian Spiderwoman and Superman. and what damn dirty ape* said- I find the old "sincere" Electric Company Spiderman shorts funnier than this for whatever reason; intentionally cheesy doesn't necessarily equate with funny.

hard to type your username without thinking of the umm..... "dirty ape" thread from today.
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i love this.
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