Torches and pitchforks 2.0?
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A vicious, hoax MySpace account drives a 13-year-old girl to commit suicide. The adults responsible knew their victim was vulnerable, but the police say no laws were broken. The newspaper won’t even name the hoaxers. That’s when Internet vigilantes step in, using online research tools to finger the doers. A Nick Denton Inc. blogger even makes calls to nail down facts, proving the paradigm shift is complete. (Or, that the seventh seal has been broken.) What’s next, now that the digital frontier has become the new Wild West? (The original newspaper story. Previous MeFi thread.)

Much has happened since the previous thread was posted on Monday, Nov. 12.

A wrong perpetrated over the Internet, though not breaking laws according to the local police, may yet come to roost at the home of the perpetrators, courtesy of an outraged citizenry equipped with the very same magical series of tubes.

Or, some jerk may make the whole thing even worse by throwing a brick through their window. Either way, interesting developments are afoot.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: post updates to the still-open thread. -- mathowie

Double. You might consider posting updates to the original thread.
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maybe this one will be deleted more quickly...
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This will jezebel.
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"Site traffic baby! How to get massive website traffic without advertising…"
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snark snark snark
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The only link above that's been offered previously is the original newspaper story, included here for the backtracking convenience of those who did not catch the original thread on Monday.

To me, the original story, which sparked the original thread, was appalling. But what people did afterward? I don't know if it's "Best of the web," but it surely is an interesting example of the web at work.

But if it's to be deleted, then aw, shucks.
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proving the paradigm shift is complete

What the fuck does that mean? What "paradigm shift" does the *very* predictable outing of the abusers demonstrate?

And the only reason to make a new post is to help hype the internet vigilantism angle. Way to go.
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I don't know, guys. I read the excellent news article with complete details about the heartbreaking Megan Meier MySpace suicide and the sad news about the death of a 13-year old girl caused by MySpace taunting, the Megan Meier Suicide.
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I love that "a blogger...even makes calls" now counts as a paradigm shift.
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Flagged as "please Hammer, don't hurt `em"
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from the "blogger even makes calls" link:

Me: Hello. I was wondering if this is the school Megan Meier attended?
Secretary: Who is this?
Me: I work at a website called Jezebel, and I was just calling because our readers were very interested in the case.
Secretary: I can't say anything.
Me: I was just trying to figure out what the schools were doing to teach kids about how to stand up to bullies, or to teach parents how to instill in their kids the ability to ignore mean people, stuff like that.
Secretary: I really can't say anything.
Me: Seriously?
Secretary: I'm sorry I can't say anything.
Me: Don't you care?
Secretary: I can't say anything.
Me: Oh, fuck you then.

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Torches and pitchforks 2.0?

Yep. The other thread (posted a few days ago) is still open and waiting for any and all updates there. No need for a new FPP.
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if you view myspace as a circle, and suicide also as a circle, (they are both slightly transparent and 300 pixels wide, one is red and the other yellowy-orange) and also consider that these two circles might at some times intersect (where they intersect is orangey-red-yellow) , you'd have a pretty sweet scientific graph you could show to your colleagues and convince them of the evils of both myspace *and* suicide!
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Me: hello, this is really none of my business, and I don't really care, but I am a blogger- at this juncture I should warn you that as a blogger I have certain rights bestowed on me from the blogsphere that demand that you answer any questions put to you.

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A vicious internet hoax has caused this to be a double post.
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mediareport writes "I love that 'a blogger...even makes calls' now counts as a paradigm shift."

Tom Kuhn is weeping in his grave.
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No doubles on the sacred blue, please.
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