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Interactive, flashy, freaky flash Friday: Ice Flow Farm l Catamount Inn l Red Hawk Barn l Goosela Meadow l School House Grow l Octo October. Larry Carlson’s surreal North Vale Interactive Pictures. [mildly nsfw, embedded sound. Not for epileptics.]

Welcome to North Vale, a surreal and spooky land just behind the veils of reality. Enjoy your trip and be sure to click around the pictures to uncover hidden worlds. This collection of interactive pictures was created by taking photos of the Vermont landscape and other subjects which were processed and animated digitally. The pictures also feature an original soundtrack by Larry Carlson. Links.

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Warning: May cause flashbacks.
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I don't get it, I think.

Also, now I'm kind of motion sick.
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Was that Sasquatch from Alpha Flight?

I'm not high enough to appreciate this.
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I found it's easier to roll one's mouse around over the picture before clicking to select the point one wants to click on.

Then, after clicking on the main picture, it goes to a secondary scene, which will play itself out and then return back to the main, clickable picture.
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I don't get it. And now my retinas are achy.
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I think this is awesome, its like extraterrestrial porn.
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Thank you, Dr. Blur.
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Before I got motion sick, I went to the Red Hawk Barn one. I mis-read the name and assumed (of course) it was something to do with red-tailed hawks. But the hawks that zoom by in the background are actually immature bald eagles - probably second-year birds. You can tell by the white in the wingpits, the white along the axillary line of the ventral wing surface, the big head and straight leading edge of the wing, and the big "fingers" made by the primaries.

(more pdf on the molt sequence of bald eagles)

Just thought you'd want to know.

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i think i was just brainwashed.

i have an impulse to go outside and touch the ground.
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This is cool!
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I love Larry Carlson, nice to see a fresh batch of groovy stuff. Thanks, nickyskye, you hippy love child, you!

psychedelicize your pictures.
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no, no, no, eatdounuts - you're doing it all wrong, it's "kiss the sky" not "touch the ground."
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The last one... where the forest and grass gets replaced with those bizarre fractal designs.. that's exactly what way too much 2C-E is like. I was hurled into the depths of a psychosomaic trip and then back out again. Congrats, you just gave me my first genuine flashback.
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This is like Boohbah Zone, but for adults! I like it!
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It's people like nicky that make this a beautiful world:)
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Larry Carlson's stuff is always fun. Thanks, nickyskye.
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For what it's worth, this is my favorite post of the year. I don't know why, but it is. I spent at least 40 minutes clicking around here, and enjoyed every second of it. I also like watching "Altered States" while listening to My Bloody Valentine's "Loveless" on headphones at full volume.

I think I need help
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Oh vron, I adore that rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole! Thank you for the lovely gift and kind compliment.

psmealey, cannot believe you really mean that but Altered States made me curious about sensory deprivation tank experiences, so I went to a place here in NYC to try one out and it was really interesting.

And you don't need any help. Pleased you had some fun clicking :)

With all the talk this week about surfer Lisi and E8, it's kind of making sense about trippy kaleidoscopic imagery really being, like, actually cosmic.
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