Fire Art!
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The Flaming Lotus Girls are a San Francisco-based fire art collective. Their recent works have included The Serpent Mother (pics | video); the Angel of the Apocalypse (pics ); and the Hand of God (pics | video). Another bay area fire arts group is Interpretive Arson, creators of Dance Dance Immolation (previously featured), and the interactive 2pir (video).
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I wish the Angel of the Apocalypse thingie had associated videos; it's the most compelling of the three FLG works, I think. Alas.
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FWIW, certain feathers of the Angel of the Apocalypse would occasionally shoot really huge bursts of flames -- they were controlled by a series of switches that you could play with if you asked nicely and were mindful not to set anyone's hair or faux fur on fire.
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Were they involved with the Romeo & Juliet Fire Ballet last January?
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I just *loved* Serpent Mother and Angel of the Apocalypse.

It's worth calling out the work done by The Crucible's support of fire arts (which homonculus notes with the R&J ref).

I gotta say, propane canons never get old!
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[this is good]

Those Flaming Lotus Girls make some amazing art.
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Oh, and proper homepage for The Crucible would be this.
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No, homunculus, the Flaming Lotus Girls were not directly involved with The Crucible's Romeo & Juliette Fire Ballet. They have, however, shown pieces at the The Fire Arts Festival in the past.
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Ah, okay. Thanks, hangingbyathread.
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Does anybody give a shit about Fire Art outside of the bay area + burning man?
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Apparently, they give a shit in Amsterdam too.
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and Austin

btw, just cause we got all the fun people here, doesn't mean you should act like snot.
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and Oz
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If you like the Flaming Lotus Girls' art and want to support them and acquire some nice archive photos of our work there is a fundraiser/gallery show in San Francisco.

A Gallery Show

Who: Those mavens of lipstick and accelerants, The Flaming Lotus Girls

What: A Gallery Show Fundraiser for the FLG's!

When: Friday, November 30th, 2007, 7pm-1am

Where: Somarts Gallery 934 Brannan Street, San Francisco

Why: Because YOU want to see more super giant fire art!

Come join the hot ladies (and gentlemen) of the world-famous Flaming Lotus Girls fire art group for an evening of art, flame and fabulous outfits.

Over 40 different photographers and a handful of local artists have donated their art for a silent auction benefiting the FLG's, so they can continue their quest for world domination through stainless steel and kerosene.

The FLG's are taking their spectacular interactive fire sculpture, The Serpent Mother, on a World Tour to spread the gospel of fire art and metalwork empowerment. The Serpent Mother was first seen at The Burning Man festival in Nevada in 2006, but the FLG's didn't stop there! The Serpent Mother went on to the 2007 Fire Arts Festival in Oakland, California and slithered across the pond for the 2007 Robodock Festival in Amsterdam!

The rest of the world deserves to see The Serpent Mother in all of her 168-foot majesty. Come enjoy the all the art and make this and other amazing projects possible!

The Flaming Lotus Girls are an all-volunteer, all-awesome San
Francisco-based group of female and male artists who work hard all year round to create exceptional fire art and provide a resource for learning metalworking and other mad essential shop skillz. The youngest FLG is 18 months, and the oldest is 70 years! The FLG's enjoy creating fire art on a gargantuan scale, just as you enjoy watching the fruits of their labor! Come support this amazing phenomenon and have a fab time doing it!

See more at
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Welcome, John!
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