31 free optical project books from the 1970s
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The folks at Anchor optics must have figured out that if you give away more than thirty pdfs of classic science project books involving optics, people who want to do the projects will know where to shop. My favorite: Fun With Fresnel Lenses (22.9 mb pdf).
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nice find... thanks!
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Hey! "Anchor Optics" is Edmund Scientific!

I have fond memories - more of browsing the catalog than of the crappy junk itself - but still, for a geek in the dark days before the internet, this was pure pr0n.
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This is good.
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Also check out AnchorOptics for the tubes and focusing helicoids that may let you make that 50mm f/0.8 lens you've been dreaming of for your SLR (if you're anything like me that is).
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Not anchor, but Thorlabs.
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Ooooh.... 30x40 Fresnel lenses...
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Careful, one of those links is a bit Ronchi.
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