A sad story about Tim McVeigh's dad.
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A sad story about Tim McVeigh's dad. I read this hoping to find some mistake the mass murder's dad made in raising him. Instead, I came away feeling profoundly sad for this man who can't understand why his son grew up to become such a hate-filled devil.
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The lesson to be learned from such things is that McVeigh isn't a devil. He's sick, no doubt, but he's just as human as you or I. By demonize the most horrible members of our society, we make it easier for similar horrors to happen. How many times have you heard people who knew child molesters or office-shooters say "He didn't seem like the 'kind' to do something like that"? Monsters are things of storybooks. People commit the atrocities of the real world.
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Maybe so, but this person enjoys playing backgammon with Hitler in hell.....
posted by darren at 10:55 AM on March 30, 2001

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