The Land God Made in Anger
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The Skeleton Coast, so called for the whale skeletons that littered its shores when the whaling industry was at its peak, is now well known for the skeletons of shipwrecks. More. And a a bit of description here. Still, the coast is full of life. Each year hundreds of thousands of Fur Seals come ashore. (Video on this site of baby Fur Seal vs. a jackal.) (wp)
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This shot of the Eduard Bohlen has been my desktop for a while. I like the seeming thematic repetition of the tiny bit of junk on the lower left, which could be a scale model of the ship.
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Thanks for this; it's a really interesting post. I'm sorry it didn't garner more comments.
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Great post. I could spend countless hours viewing shipwrecks.
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Wow. I'm adding that to my list of places I want to go someday.
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