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In the same spirit as the Open Net Initiative and Committee to Protect Bloggers that both track global internet filtering, Sami ben Gharbia's Access Denied Map tries to track the blocking of sites like Blogger, Flickr, YouTube and others by governments, as well as efforts by activists to keep them accessible or to challenge their blockage.
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A great idea. Unfortunately, it takes forever to load for me (Firefox/WindowsXP); for a few minutes I thought it was living up to its name.
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I've always been fond of saying that, historically speaking, the Internet was originally designed to withstand a nuclear holocaust. If one city is taken out, as cold and heartless as this may sound, the network of computer systems throughout the planet, would simply divert around whatever geographic boundaries occurred, and continue forward in short order as if the previous obstacle had never existed. This occurs through redundancies and multiple routing access points for information and blah blah blah blah blah.

If there ever is a nuclear holocaust, or some other kind of armageddon, chances are it will be governments who cause them. So I always find it amusing when governments try to block the Internet. It's like watching Lex Luthor try to tango with Superman. Again.

You'd think it'd get old after awhile...
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A friend of mine living in China recently started tagging sites blocked by China in, suggesting: "A listing of all the links that I come across on the intertubes that I can't access because of Chinese internet censorship. If you are a nerd and use as well, feel free to start using the same tag ('BlockedByChina') for the same purpose."
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Sort of makes you wonder if George Orwell's memory hole is really just a web filter...
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