February 4, 2000
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If you think webcams are cool and the k10k desktop gallery is great, you've got to see this woman's desktop. The ultimate in exhibition, updated every 5 minutes, showing whatever she's working on.
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The funny thing is, Wendi has been doing this screencam forever! I'm not saying that she and her husband are hardcore geeks or anything, but their wedding was simulcast on IRC. You just have to respect that.
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a wedding on IRC? wowzers.

I was thinking about this desktop-cam thing ever since I put my desktop on the k10k thing. Especially since my monitor would show up in on my work webcam, I thought "why not take the next step and just show my desktop."

Some folks think it is silly, or a exhibitionist stunt, but I think it's great that people who choose to give up their privacy can do these types of things. It's much better when you're in control of your privacy, you can choose what to show and what not to show.
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I don't really think of it as a loss of privacy. I only have the thing on when I don't mind people seeing what I'm doing. There's not much harm in someone seeing I'm reading Slashdot or playing CivII, for example. The program is written so that it won't taks screenshots when I'm in e-mail or other sensitive programs. I feel that looking at my desktop is a lot less revealing than looking at *me*.

It's basically just a goofy script that I stumbled on years ago and decided to run for the hell of it. Of all my pages, that one gets the most hits to this day.
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Unfortunately, I could not link onto that site to see what all the hullaballoooo is. ;-{
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Okay, I saw it already. And?..... ; - ]
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