Radiographs: a flickr set
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Radiographs : a small and terrific flickr set. After you check out an exploded hand, maybe you will want to admire a Fasciolaria filamentosa.
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Oh, christ, those fucked with my head.
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Reminds me of a certain shot in Romero's Land of the Dead, which is an X-ray image of a zombie tearing someone's forearm bones apart from each other. Almost made me puke in the theatre, and when I watched it on DVD I literally closed my eyes, put my fingers in my ears and went "lalala" so that I didn't have to hear the sound.
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Unfortunately I can't find the pictures online, but my dad, an ER doctor, took a couple of shots of head x-rays of a patient that had a screw in his ear, probably a #10 wood screw. Anyway, he had manually screwed it all the way into his ear, obliterating his ear drum and bones. Oddly, he claimed that it didn't hurt. I think he turned out okay, except for the deafness in that ear and the mental illness that lead to it.

He didn't get pictures of the (also mentally ill) woman who was left alone and ate an entire 50 count box of latex exam gloves, but apparently that x-ray was also something to see.
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In all fairness: Latex gloves? Yum.
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My ex brother-in-law is an ER doc and while in school at a teaching hospital he brought home a number of these. His story is that this type of picture is very common both among the students and docs in that setting. Its both used as a teaching tool and as a macabre and ghoulish joke item. He seemed to believe it had value to attenuate reactions such as autodidact's.
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a coat hangar

My goodness--that would be both sharp and large!
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Thanks, this one will bolster my case when convincing people not to put their feet on the dash.
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Yeah, that sums it all up for me. Shudder. Thanks!
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Oh dear god.
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[More inside]
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When I look at this set of photos I have to laugh because, what is that thing?
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Soon to be seen on death metal liner notes everywhere...
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Hmm. Some of these are pretty. And some of them are fodder.
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It was a million to one shot, doc. Million to one.
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Holy shit crap cow! The dildo is to be expected, but a graduated cylinder? A shot glass? What in the hell?
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parudox, my wife does that all the time. I have tried every variant of "you do realize you're putting your feet on a bomb" and she will not stop. Somebody is going to have that picture taped to her monitor when she returns from her current vacation trip :-)
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I like how the fellow went out of his way to mention how much he appreciates brutal honesty: "Look doc, I get off on having this thing in my ass, but I need some help getting if out."

Should I ever be in that situation (a renaissance man should never say "never") that's the approach I'll take. No sense beating around the bush, as it were.
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You know, I've not been having a great day, and, at first, these pictures added to the horror. But, honestly, each of these people had a much, much worse day at some time and so I will whine no more.
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It's just that every now and then someone comes in and says "I love these things in my ass, I got one stuck and I can't get it out, will you help me?" I respect that kind of honesty.

As do we all. As do we all.
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Ok, ok, jeez: I love these things in my ass.
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Thats no big deal. My brother used to swallow toothbrushes all the time! lol!
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Lately, one of my daily blog reads is Radiology Picture Of The Day.

Not so many unusual "things I put in my ass" pictures, but plenty of fascinating looks at all the horrible things that happen to the inside of the human body anyway. It's a must-see.
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It's pretty funny to think that some upstanding but poverty-stricken civilization in the far distant future will look back at our age, and they'll probably use stuff like this as an example of our horrific decadence and shameless debauchery.

Take that, Roman empire!
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Yes, yes, the gruesome stuff is fascinating / hilarious / eeeeeeueuehueuheughghhghghg-inducing, but I was most moved by the exquisite shell cross-sections. I'd have liked to see more of those.

...or better yet, shells in rectums! (Recti? Rectae? Yes, I'm an illiterate peasant.)
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This foetus from briank's link is so very strange.
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I once found a toothbrush inside my piano. It's one thing for a piano to swallow a toothbrush, but a person? What's the appeal?
Training for sword-swallowing?
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the juxtaposition of the icon and last comment on this image is so funny - a sweet little baby saying, "what a nasty way to go!"
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