Vintage propaganda and more from Weirdo Video
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Please enjoy vintage video propaganda:
Don't Be A Sucker
The Enemy Agent & You
Your Job in Germany
So They Tell Me and
Propaganda Techniques

Uploaded by Weirdo Video, host of rare & authentic 16mm films of cultural, historical and ironical significance. I'm having a blast digging through WV's site—I can't tell if it's the propaganda, music, girls, drugs, adverts, or all this odd of Americana that's got me so tickled. Happy Tubesday!
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This is fascinating, a brilliant selection. I watched the "Your job in Germany" one, and it is amazing - preparing for an insurgency in occupied Germany, teaching soldiers to trust no one, they're all lying, cheating and plotting, waiting for their moment to attack ... especially suspect the children. Chilling.
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Money is often the lubricant on which the Soviet spy machine rolls, so to is the weakness of people who act in an intemperate fashion....

Next time I go out drinking, I am so going to refer to it as 'acting in an intemperate fashion'.

And then I'm going to secretly take photos of people holding hands and sell them to the Soviets.
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I love watching these kinds of things. They're usually funny and entertaining, and at the same time, to varying degrees, disturbing and even scary. Thanks for the post.
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I watched the "Your job in Germany" one

Me, too. Damn those dirty Krauts, you just can't trust 'em!
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"Don't Be a Sucker", while stylistically simple and obvious, still had a good message to deliver to its audience of 1947, and, I'd say, to plenty of folks today. It delivered its progressive, anti-racist message pretty well, and I was actually more impressed than I thought I'd be, as this sort of thing is usually not so, well, right in its core message.

Finding it curious, though, that the film mentioned the Masons as targets of racist fascists, I started doing a bit of research. (I have to confess to a more or less total ignorance concerning Masons). Anyway, I found the film at the Internet Archive, and the comments on it there are worth reading. One commenter there noted with interest, as I did as well, the odd message that appears at the very end of the film.
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One of my favorite PSYOP radio broadcasts, was the British language instruction for channel crossing Germans. It included translations for phrases such as "Is that a plane I hear", "the ship is on fire", "we are sinking", and "the water is cold, so cold".
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"Don't Be a Sucker" was cool, but 1947 seemed like a strange year for that to come out- I mean, we already defeated the Nazis, so why the propaganda film? Then I remembered that the army was desegregated a year or two after the end of the war, and it sort of made sense that the War Dept might make a film like this at that time.
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Um, and now that I read the comments on flapjax's link, I see that is why it was made. I'm slow tonight.
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wow, thanks for the "Your Job In Germany" film... reminded me of that british propaganda film against buying "made in germany" goods after the war is over... can anybody locate or name this film? I can't find it on the tube.
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Damn those Germans and their phony peace folk dancing!
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This was especially well-timed as my roommates are engaged in the fight for their virtual lives c/o Call of Duty 3 but one room over. I'm celebrating this post with a nice, juicy hamburger quarter-pounder smothered in sauerkraut liberty cabbage.
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Sometimes I walk down the beautiful streets here in Germany, admiring the architecture and the scenery, and I ask myself what the hell am I doing here.

Now I know.

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Metafilter: don't be a sucker!
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Theodor Geisel (AKA Dr. Seuss) wrote the script for Your Job in Germany.

Be Alert... aloof... suspicious.
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Scoo: is that true?

(I'll read your answer later--I'm going to go out and roust some Krauts.)
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Oh, and most excellent post carsonb--thanks!
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Youtube is wierd. Related Videos on the side bar shows:

Autumn 1944 Nazi Propaganda Color Newsreel
Why We Fight from 1943
Our Enemy -- the Japanese (1 of 2)
German WWII Troop Propaganda film

Yes, the pillow fight klub is a bunch of Germans (including women in lingerie) whacking eachother with pillows (set to throbbing club music of course).

You know what other famous German loved pillowfighing in lingerie?

Answer: Trick Question! The answer is all of them!
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Answer: Trick Question! The answer is all of them!

Yes...and zey are all coprophiliacs who keep a stable of young women...and feed zem...BANANAS.
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