The hermit of the Wolverhampton Ring Road
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Joseph Stawinoga, tramp, hermit, holy man, Facebook celebrity and (alleged) former member of the SS, has died, aged 86.
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More coverage: BBC ,express & star

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I read about this shortly after he died and I was pretty curious about the holy man angle.
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Unkempt and dirty, with long matted hair and a 2ft straggly, yellowish beard...

That describes pretty much everyone from Wolverhampton. Especially the ladies.
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Stawinoga was said to have taken to locking up his wife when he went to work. She would cry and scream until one day, several years later, a neighbour smashed down the door to let her out. She fled, presumably to Austria.

A role model for all Facebook stalkers.
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For those of us who truly loved him, he will be sorely missed. RIP, Fred, aka Holy Man
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Interesting. Did the council allow him to camp on the road because he already had a reputation as a respected holy man? Or did his extraordinary ability to get support from the council convince people he had special holy powers?
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It was probably the matted hair and the long beard that convinced people that he was a holy man. It's hard these days to get recognized as a holy man if you shave and don't smell like a pig's arse, believe me.
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His tent was removed by the council at the request of West Midlands Police, who were concerned that the area would become a tourist attraction.

Pretty short sighted, considering the millions that many towns pay to create tourist attractions.
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And lets face it, Wolverhampton needs a tourist attraction more than just about anywhere else in the country.
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I've been to Wolverhampton to watch a stage of the tour of Britain. The cycling was interesting.
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