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Cook Thanksgiving Dinner with Beer-Based Recipes Oh, and don't forget to stock your fridge with the recommendations listed in "Beer Pairings for Thanksgiving Dinner". Happy Turkey Day!
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"Pairing"? Didn't Starbucks start the concept of pairing to move more merchandise?
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*Rubs sore head...Hmm, where did all the beer go?*
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*Snapshot* I'm wearing a white tank-top t-shirt with blue Burmuda shorts. Pink bunny-rabbit slippers. A tee-vee dinner on the card-table. A six-pack of generic beer at my feet. A remote control and a dozen or more movies to watch.
Yes! This is Heaven.
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Damn you sound hot, doctorschlock.
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Man. Especially in the later courses, you better restrict pours to 4oz or less. A bunch of those beers hang around the 10% ABV level.
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Get thee to a winery!
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I don't drink anymore, but beer and wine are essential to cooking. I may have to try some of these. The stuffing and mashed potatoes in particular look like they're worth trying.
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Hey! Where's the beer chitterlins?
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I'm finding that Delirium Tremens and Corsendonk go with everything. Of course, we're having Thanksgiving Gumbo, so YMMV.

Also, I probably should not have popped them yet, being Wednesday and all. Drat.
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Well, I've had a couple Sierra Nevada Celebrations while cooking for tomorrow, does that count as cooking with beer? I'm going to say yes.
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Ella Fynoe
And the recipe for Thanksgiving Gumbo?
(Inquiring minds want to know, thanks.)
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Yeah, I'm pairing the pre Thanksgiving prep work and the post Thanksgiving sitting around by the fire with Yuengling and PBR. How come he doesn't mention those?
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ME TOO. I can only start to cook when I'm sloshed.
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I'm disappointed. There's no Drunk Turkey recipe.
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Doesn't everybody have at least one or two alcoholics in the family tree, thus making a beer-saturated Thanksgiving an unwise choice?
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Unrepentanthippie - I wish I could give you a recipe, but friends are making it. They assured me that it has enough fat to qualify as a Thanksgiving meal.
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OMG, I forgot it was Thanksgiving! For that matter, I mostly forgot it was Thursday. After being abroad 10 years, it feels strange how much I can forget American holidays, even when seeing plenty of reminders. (I love Thanksgiving, actually. But the frustration of unavailable foods cause me to avoid the pain by ignoring the day).

Y'all have a good feast. Say 'hi' to Santa Claus for me.
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Ella and Unrep - here are your recipes that go along with beer, with video. but no drunk turkey.

Why not suggest it for next year?
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