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Terminus. "After inadvertently offending a strange entity that accosts him on his way to work, a 1970s businessman quickly finds himself in the midst of a bizarre predicament." 205.2 MB Quicktime available here. [Via Neatorama.]
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If he had taken the Soul Link talent, he could have avoided some unpleasantness.

On a more serious note, NICE compositing job!
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awesome. wicked strange. Do the concrete man and the businessman trade places when he hits his head at night? Thus explaining the change in attitude of the man?
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Someone should warn the Foundation that they have been found.
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Visually really neat. Structurally oblique in that way that makes me think this was all about being visually neat.

Also, whether the fisheye was real or virtual, it needed to be 10mm shallower and full-screen. All that visual skill and they dropped it on the opticals.
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[this is good]
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Most of the interiors in this short film were shot in the Montreal subway network: the Metro. The opening sequence was shot at Sherbrooke station. This afternoon I was actually sitting where the businessman sits! I never had any problems with the Concrete Man. I just throw him a handful of quarters and he leaves me alone. I'm not sure what I would do if I had a conveyor belt following me though. The Crouching Man sculpture that follows the little girl is situated at the corner of St-Denis and Sherbrooke street. An interesting but paranoid look at my city.
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Pretty cool stuff. Thanks!
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I grew up in Montreal in the early 1980s — this is exactly how I remember it. Great find.
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Awesome video, but what's the point of him hitting his head on the table and getting hit by the bus?
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Original. Scary. Really good. The concrete man. Yeah. I been there.
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Oh, now wait second. I thought this was actually made in the 1970s. According to IMBD, it's a 2007 film. The director, Trevor Cawood, worked on the Matrix and a bunch of other films.
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-He starts at Metro Sherbrooke
-he gets off at Metro Namur
-the building with the round information board is the lobby of Place Ville Marie (I think)
-the metro with the orange and yellow decorations is Villa Maria, but it looks like he is exiting from a different one (in Old Montreal I suspect), and the name has been replaced by a fake one.
-The metro after the doctor is a pastiche from a couple of metro stations - he first one is I think Peel, and then Sherbrooke as in the first one.
- the tunnel after hitting his head is off of Metro Bonaventure. The round orange item chasing the woman is from Villa Maria metro.
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This was great. I'd forgotten just what a completely spaced-out experience the Montreal Metro can be. Abstract orange plastic panelling, and fantastic eerie lighting; a sixties vision of the future (but in a good way).
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It's all in Montreal, odinsdream. That building looks familiar but I can't place it offhand.
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odinsdream and Billegible: That building is on Papineau street, facing the Lafontaine park. What about the exterior scene at the end? Could it be Vancouver? The end credits say this was shot in both cities, although I don't think they get a lot of snow over there.
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