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Happy Thanksgiving to all. (YT. Click on bottom corner for full screen)
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Thanks - but you're a little late; Thanksgiving was October 8.
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Nice! Thanks!
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As much as I appreciate Stachmo's vocal stylings, this is what he did as well or better than anyone in history.
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Awesome, thanks!
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Thank you. There is a lot of sadness in his face and eyes in spite of the big smile and cheerful words.
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Ah man, there's so many great versions of this song. The Eva Cassidy version of the side of the YT link is great, The Ramones did one (or was it just Joey?), The Flaming Lips did a version and, years ago, used to play the Louis Armstrong version before they played live on stage. There are so many I'm actually glad there's at least a partial list at wiki. The song was co-written by Bob Thiele, who ran Impulse records from '61 to '69!

On a personal note, when a childhood friend's father passed away (someone who I considered to be a wonderful human being), I couldn't make it the day of the funeral (a long involved story in its own right), so I went down the next day. It was in the middle of winter in the middle of nowhere Kansas and I just found a station on the radio and left it, which is something I never did because I hated radio and is even weirder because it's hard to pick up stations in the middle of nowhere. This song came on and all of the frost on the land and ice on the power lines seemed to pulse with each beat, the car became warmer and softer, and I cried so hard out of joy and sadness that I had to pull the car over. When it was over, I turned the radio off and rode in silence. I found out later that day from another friend that the song had been played at the funeral.

So, thanks for posting this song today (and indulging my bit of Paul Harvey-esque storytelling). Even if it is a one-link YT post, it really made my morning.
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" a lot of sadness in his face and.."

Huh? Projection much? Looked to me like he was just happy to get the gig.

Oh. And please let me be the first to point out this is a pointless front page post that does nothing but link to YouTube. This is not YouTube Filter. Blah blah blah blah blah now someone else start a MeTa thread whining about how much this sucks and it'd already be off the front page if Jessamyn wasn't so full of turkey tofu she can't get up off the floor. I'd start the MeTa thread myself but I'm so full of turkey tofu I can't get up off the floor. Viva Las Vegan!
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Incredible clip, Astro Zombie, giving a small glimpse of what the man was capable of. Armstrong was the most influential trumpeter of the 20th Century, giving a inspirational springboard to Miles and even other instrumentalists like Charlie Parker and Thelonius Monk. And he was a quiet voice for change in the arena of civil rights, although he could be vocal, like when he cancelled his State Department sponsored tour of the Soviet Union in the late fifties, saying "The way they're treating my people in the South, the government can go to hell."

Truly, something to give thanks for on this day.
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Oh. And Happy Not Turkey Day to everyone not in the US, you heathens! Thank God NO MUSIC day is over! Viva Las Venezuela!

sorry. i was just reading old Bloom County strips while on the can. now everything in my head sounds like Milo Bloom is shouting at it from Point Resolve.

Women actually pass gas! It's true! I have evidence! Madonna has hemorrhoids! Stop the presses! No nukes! No nukes!
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I had an argument last night with a ladyfriend over whether it's turkey tofu or tofu turkey. I think they (and by "they" I mean "vegans" as if they're another "species" deserving their own "quotation" marks) they should call it toh-key. She thought I was out of my mind.

What a wonderful world indeed.

*blank look*

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She thought I was out of my mind.

I'm not sure why she would have thought that. Maybe you should go sleep it off in front of the television?
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Nice clip.

I thought it was tofurkey? Alas, I am surrounded by hardcore meateaters when I eat with family, and they cook far too much food already, so I have yet to try the tofurkey. They cook lots of veggies too so it works out for me.

Don't forget the breadstick wishbone!
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I really like his rumbling between verses. What a guy, thanks for the post.
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Thanks Happy Thanksgiving!
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tofurkey is a *brand* of tofu turkey. there are other brands as well...the quorn loaf is particularly tasty (if you're into fungus, that is).

when i hear "turkey tofu," i think that the tofu's somehow secondary, or only a part of the recipe (a la "chicken cordon bleu"). i've always said tofu turkey.

well, actually, i always just say "fake bird." works out fine.

i had me some fabulous fake bird earlier.
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* holds up lighter, yells "play some fakebird!" *
posted by freebird at 10:57 PM on November 22, 2007

Louis still had even at that advanced age. Thanks growabrain.

Astro zombie - wow, that is a great clip. He was smokin' in that.
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