Thanks for the Laughs
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Since the passing of Art Buchwald (previously on MeFi), we're looking for something to replace his traditional Thanksgiving Humor Piece (seen here), with varying success. MeFi's Own rstevens has a collection of LOLGRIMS, MeFi's own Lore offers some catering services for the 21st Century (featuring the next step in Turducken evolution). Formerly MeFi's Own Lileks has a cheap video on how to make a cheap Thanksgiving dinner. A faux-conservative blogger (who's no Colbert) suggests renaming the holiday. The "Creatures in My Head" guy has his own disturbing version of a turkey. A video game site has games that (kinda) fit the holiday. A semi-NSFW site for dudes has the Worst Thanksgiving Dishes (not sexist, but PETA-ist and NPR-ist) But the most obvious Thanksgiving tradition (via YouTube) is the WKRP Turkey Drop (and aftermath).

Also, 23 Things That Sound Dirty At Thanksgiving, But Aren't ("It's Cool Whip time!"), The Naughty American (NSFW) suggests substituting "envy" for "thanks", and a Thanksgiving Horror Story that may or may not be a piece of really dark humor. Funny Thanksgiving crafts include a knit turkey hat and a centerpiece made from tampons. Better-than-most comics about cranberries, stuffing and stuffing again. And for the convenience of commenters in this thread, Thanksgiving ASCII Art! (with obnoxious MIDI sound, no surprise).
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"Just lay back & take it easy...I'll do the rest."
posted by growabrain at 11:56 AM on November 22, 2007

Actually, "Prosciutto-wrapped peaches" sounds pretty tasty, although not quite as tasty as prosciutto-wrapped cantaloupe. Thanks for the linkdump, though!
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The most Buchwald-like columnist out there nowadays is probably Rick Horowitz -- and lookee, a Thanksgiving column! He even looks a little like Buchwald.

I could only stand to read Art about once every four columns at most. Same with Horowitz.
posted by dhartung at 3:19 PM on November 22, 2007

Come to think of it, Andy Borowitz is kind of like the bastard son of Buchwald, and he has a Thanksgiving column too...

Don't know why I missed him on the first go-around; I guess I Asohed.
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I miss dear old Artie.
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I LOL'd. No really. I did! Thanks wendell. I needed that.
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