Dolphin boy speaks
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Dolphin boy speaks Anyone remember the Peter Singer review of a book about bestiality linked here a month or so ago? The book is also reviewed at amazon by none other than the Dolphin Boy whose dolphin zoophilia or whatever site was discussed yesterday.
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why, oh why, must people mate with animals? i guess whatever gets you off.......ugh.
posted by SexyParapalegic at 8:42 PM on March 30, 2001

I really don't understand this. I mean, if an animal makes a pass at you, it's consential. But I don't see how consential an animal can be. It has the desire, no one's being hurt, so I guess it's OK. So confusing.

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posted by holloway at 9:01 PM on March 30, 2001

It looked good in preview. Really good.
posted by holloway at 9:01 PM on March 30, 2001

what is it supposed to be?
posted by davidgentle at 9:32 PM on March 30, 2001

Holloway: Consensual. Hated to be silly, but . . . oh goodness, I'm still under the influence of the David Foster Wallace article in Harper's about English snoots. Anyway, back to getting the thingie right. A diagram of consent? Direct and indirect effects, etc.?
posted by raysmj at 9:45 PM on March 30, 2001


penis bird

is a little summary of the penis bird... but be warned, you might not want to go looking to deeply into the penis bird issue at work.

posted by darkpony at 12:23 AM on March 31, 2001

"too" I mean.
posted by darkpony at 12:24 AM on March 31, 2001

davidgentle: here as I'm having difficulty posting it here.

raysmj: ta, thanks. Just wondering how concensual the sex could be. I would consider sex between people of different intellectual capacity too manipulative (drunk guy and sober girl, intellectually disabled person and... average?). So reasoning out human on animal action, er.

Back to the drawing board.
posted by holloway at 12:33 AM on March 31, 2001

You're absolutely right, Holloway. Dolphin boy was clearly taken advantage of.
posted by fooljay at 2:14 AM on March 31, 2001

``There used to be a time when guy-on-guy or woman-on-woman relationships were looked at as unnatural acts,'' Noel told the San Francisco Chronicle last month. ``What concern is it to anybody if there is or isn't a personal relationship?''

article here.
posted by lescour at 9:59 AM on March 31, 2001

lescour: where's the quotation?
posted by raysmj at 10:06 AM on March 31, 2001

holloway, you freak! arrrghhhh. now I have to send penis bird to all my friends.
posted by lia at 10:21 AM on March 31, 2001

Right. Got it. Though, to be honest, the photo was actually more helpful in figuring out what you meant. And I don't "work". I "slouch".
posted by davidgentle at 1:13 PM on March 31, 2001

I had no idea there was an actual penis bird.

Somehow, knowing that makes all those slashdot posts approximately 27% less interesting.
posted by dhartung at 1:42 PM on March 31, 2001

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