The Last Iceberg
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The Last Iceberg suffers, as many photography sites do, from a mildly irritating flash interface; but if you can get over that fact, you'll see some genuinely amazing polar photography of isolated icebergs & ice shelves.
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Very cool. And scary, at least to me, for some reason. I don't know, the incredibly desolate and inhospitable feel, maybe? It's almost alien, like nature telling us we're not supposed to be there at all.
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Pretty desolate, and beautiful. Worth going to the antarctic for- even if you run the risk of your cruise ship hitting a 'berg...

(We've seen far worse flash)
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Fabulous. Thank you.
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Some of those are very striking, thanks.
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Metafilter: a mildly irritating flash interface

Yeah, it would be funny.
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Wow, this Flash interface is mildly irritating.
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I have been mildly irritated by this Flash interface and wish to comment.
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I am mildly irritated by the comments about the Flash interface.
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I am in the comments and mildly irritated about photography.
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Would be mildly irritated again A+++

(no polar bears?)
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Looking at photos of our planet's ice caps melting to nothing while eating dinner at the computer is every bit as surreal as watching tv news of the Vietnam war's daily dead during dinner in the '60s.
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amazing pictures. I'd love to go there.

I'm not going to do the "fixed that for you" thing, but I think rather than "mildly annoying" I would have used the words "borderline-incomprehensible" to describe that UI.
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i really just love it when flash designers try and impose his/her creative vision to a piece.

/* to the flash designer:

the iceberg photos are really f'ing cool, why can't i just see those pictures? why do i need crazily resizing thumbs?

i just want to see the really cool full size images

the user

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I wonder how this compares to what one would see on an Alaskan cruise (which I would be more likely to do). I hear it's pretty expensive to get to the south pole, less so for the north.
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An Alaska cruise is cheaper by comparison because they're generally not getting nearly as close to the northern pole as an Antarctic cruise does the south. Most cruises to AK spend their time down in the fjords, which are somewhere around 50-55N. King George Island in the Antartic, by contrast, is like 62S or so. (Plus, it's a lot further from the US, too.) If your goal was to get close to one of the poles as cheaply as possible, I suspect North pole may actually be more expensive.

Anyway, the glaciers you see from an AK cruise are spectacular but you don't really get the same sense of desolation and hostility. They're more about watching geology in action; you can see them calving and producing little icebergs, etc.

If you want to experience something more desolate, I think the easiest way is probably to go to Iceland and then go on one of the excursions into the interior (which is a big glacier). You can take snowmobile tours where you basically drive in from a base on the edge 30 or 40 miles and once there, you can kill the engines and it's as close to being on another planet as I can imagine. (photo, and that doesn't really do it justice; in retrospect I should have shot a pano). There are probably similar places in AK, but I don't think you'll find them on the cruise ship itineraries because they'd be further north and inland.
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Wow, thanks for the response Kadin.
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Magnificent photographs!
Thank you...
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