Leopold and Stephen have a day
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Ulysses - An Irish guy (in West Virginia) reads Ulysses and posts it to the web in 20 parts. It's a work best appreciated when read aloud and here is someone who has read it aloud just for you. (ultra-condensed version here )

Everybody loves the book, but not everybody loves the work. Thank you iremonger for your effort. He did a nice job too, and at free it is a lot cheaper than the commercial audiobook.
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How many other people took 2-3 years to notice that "<ul> CSS" is, in fact, Ulysses?
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Thanks for this, I was actually thinking last week if there was an audiobook for Ulysses. I tried to read the thing at least 3 times and it didn't work--maybe listening to it is better.
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I once read Neuromancer to a long-distance girlfriend in a series of mailed tapes. In spite of this, she eventually became my not-so-long-distance girlfriend.
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Listening to Donal Donnelly's reading of Ulysses was one of the great literary experiences of my life. I'll have to check out this (other) Irish Guy's version. If it falls short for you, though, check out the Donal Donnelly one. Some libraries have it, and it's amazing.
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I think my favorite part of this is the Friends-style episode titles. Especially "The one in which Joyce is taking the piss".
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Oh, cool! I'm in the middle of rereading Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, and he's done that one too: http://odeo.com/audio/16549023/view
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Excellent post! I may now finish the book.
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Wow. This is really well put together. And I appreciate the annotations.

Good one, caddis.
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This is really nice.

Maybe this will be the way I can get through the whole thing!

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I'd pay Matt another $5 , for this alone.

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I've avoided Joyce for years. I recently decided to read Araby for a girl I've never met but want to meet. She's waiting for my review. Most likely, I'd never have bothered this early in life if it were not for something like this. And I'm sure I'll like it. Unless we meet and it all goes to shit from there, of course.
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I should give this a listen.

I adore Dubliners but within two pages I was out of Ulysses. (Oddly, I enjoyed the The Acid House, which in places I had to read aloud to understand...maybe I just didn't give myself a chance with the bigger book.)
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I've got scratchy old LP's of Milo O'Shea reading the first chapter, and Siobhán McKenna reading the final chapter. Always thought more people would get into Ulysses if they heard it read aloud... looks like a great site, and a link well worth spreading around.
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Excellent, and I'll feel sorry for the guy when the notoriously litigitous Joyce estate notices.
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Is there a tip jar?

I've never been able to read translitterated English very well, it not being my native language. This should do it...
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El Brendano, I'm sure that many here would love to see those recordings online somewhere...
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Nifty, thanks.
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Awesome post, Caddis.
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The times I've tried to get through Ulysses, I've always found myself rereading passages aloud. Unfortunately I haven't had the time I've always wanted to invest in finishing it (and it's been in my "to read" pile for longer than I'd ever admit.) I'm going to give this a try. This is a great post caddis, thanks.
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Thanks for this! I've read it and have been meaning to go back and do so again. The audio approach might be an even better alternative.
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There appear to be two other public domain readings of "Ulysses":



(I haven't listened to either of these but they look interesting as well.)
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