Backpackers of Yore
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Is Ötzi the first known backpacker? Also mentioned: Faxian and Xuanzang.
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Actually, Ötzi was more into rave music than hip-hop, but his taste in baggage allied him with the latter group and their indie rap accessories.
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Ah -- Ötzi the Iceman and "Ötzi's Curse."
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Let's not forget Ibn Battuta.
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BTW -- Ötzi's website.
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The monks from Yuezhi who brought Buddhism to China obviously had Faxian and Xuanzang beat, though none are known by name before Lokaksema, AFAIK.
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And reading those entries, forgot the Parthians An Shigao and An Xuan.
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You know, it could've been a friendly-fire type of situation that Ötzi experienced, on the hunt or something.
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Tattoos, a leather jacket and a knife: was Ötzi the first known biker?
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No way, totally a tourist.
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Is Ötzi the guy who was supposedly also the first known fudgepacker? How the hell did that get started?
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I'd never heard of Ötzi. Thank you for bringing him to my attention.
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I think I met him. We smoked weed and watched knock-off DVDs in Vietnam then swapped tips on the best places for banana pancakes in Laos. I can give you his gmail address.
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