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Kohei Nishiyama is the co-founder of a company and a website: Elephant Design and They solicit product ideas from individuals (like these modular electrical plug in stacks), realize the feasibility and desirability of those products (There are currently 28 votes for a bag that apparently sticks together without tape), and then manufacture and sell those things (Hey! A Portable Night Light!). It's a process called Design to Order.
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Sure to be as popular, and classic-creating, as self-publishing.
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From the last link: "This electronic tooth-shaped bank features a Tamagotchi-like game. If the owner doesn't deposit money everyday, electronic "plaque" will grow."

Enough people wanted this one? Really?
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Hmmm...what shall we use to insulate our modular electrical plugs from one another? ................Cardboard! Yes, yes, perfect.
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Sure to be as popular, and classic-creating, as self-publishing.

I don't know. Threadless does quite well with a similar model.
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That portable night light sure looks familiar.
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Slack-a-gogo there is an amazing pro-savings culture in Japan. According to a recent study close to half of Japanese housewives [1] have stashed away around US$20,000 in secret cash savings.

So, yeah, I can easily believe a nagging piggy bank would gain enough interest to be made.

[1] In a traditional Japanese marriage the woman controls the household finances, typically they give their husbands a small allowance for misc expenses and do all other purchasing themselves.
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My wife is trying to import this practice to the United States.

Vive le resistance!!
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