What goes Up must come Down
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End of Empire : A collaboration of all areas of geopolitics affecting countries of the world in relation to the 'Empire' of the United States of America, and the 'sub-Empires', such as the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and any other country which seeks to exploit poorer nations and their people in the quest for domination.
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Weak post is weak.

And also done better before
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This would make a good board game.
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Europe is not a country. Yet.
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Can areas really collaborate?
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On Northern Rock:
The consequences of the government stand have been as immediate as they have been unremarked (careless talk costs profits): the pound has plummeted on the foreign exchange markets. The prestige and high value of the pound sterling underwrites the prosperity of Britain’s post-industrial, consumer economy. Under the wing of the dollar, it is a global reserve currency: its demise is, for better or worse, the end of Britain as we know it.
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Kind of an unfortunate web page. Could the end of American empire result in more shoddy, murky, mucky, lazy design? If so, we'd better keep the troops in Saudi until the end of time.
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This website seems to be posititioning itself in a post-empire framework of studies. Kinda interesting idea. Does such a thing exist?
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i particularly liked this part:

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This Op-ED was good too:


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There's a lot of dreary "false-flag terror" nonsense on that site. And the "analysis" is broadly wishful thinking covering profound lack of insight with long words.
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I get a bit tired of 'Empire' rhetoric.
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