Cerra Perdida
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Cerra Perdida (Lost Wax): What's better than free sculpture in the street? In Barcelona an artist is "losing" sculptures around town for every month of the year.
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Is it just me or is this guy obsessed with pea-breasts?
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Ellington's Perdido (found wax)
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Um. June was alright, I guess. I'd probably need a shower if I touched any of the others.
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Sorry 'bout that.

I really like the photo sequence of finding the sculptures - there's a pleasant, sweet quality to finding artwork when you're not expecting it.

Also, what's with the DavidRakoff tag?
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The intro quote about being a donor in the "about" page on the site was one from David Rakoff. Why him? I dunno. Apparently he's big in Bartttthelona.*

*(I just love saying it that way, sorry.)
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Pssst...It should be "cera", not "cerra"

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I love stuff like this, puts a little touch of magic into people's lives.
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