Battle of the Flashlight Museums!
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There are two-- two-- awesome flashlight museums on the web. One of them is on geocities; the other is not. One of them has a page of art deco purse lights and a page of interesting and unusual lights; the other has bullet flashlights and the Dukes of Hazzard signal flash. I love them both.
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Also, I had no idea there were flashlight conventions.
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"Hi, I'm Dave. I'm a thousand times the dork you'll ever be. Count your blessings, nerd."
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Thanks for this. I've been looking for inspiration for christmas gifts to craft. Rad.
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Obsessive collections like these always leave me in the dark.
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When I was a kid (mid-70s) I had a toy called “Flash Brite” (or Bryt, or Brzzzite, or some variation of Bright) that was basically a flashlight with a hand crank on it. It came with a holster and three different colored lenses. My brother had one as well. The idea was we could crank in morse code and send secret messages to each other from across the hall. Good times, good times.

I’ve been unable to find any evidence of it on the web and these guys don’t seem to have it or I’m not searching for the correct term.

I’m beginning to wonder if I imagined the whole thing, like some old picture of a pterodactyl.
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That Dukes of Hazzard one would be ideal to whip out of an inside pocket to help the Utah police officer read your licence and registration.
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Incredibly, the geocities site was actually more interesting, informative and easy to use. Why is there no link to "really old, cool flashlights" on the other site? Am I just expected to know that Ever Ready made the first one and navigate right to that page?

I like the comment feature on the second one, though.
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You forgot the LED museum, and Candle Power Forums (CPF).

We flashlight geeks are legion.
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Flashlights are so neat. You press the switch and presto chango ya got a light. It doesn't get too much cooler than that.

*Adjusts glasses. Smells armpit.*
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Next thing you know there will be a fleshlight museum. (NSFW)
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Is this the theme song for the museum?
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Wow. Talk about carrying a torch.
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I'm not too impressed by flashlights as "museum pieces", but rather as useful tools. Therefore, I will include a link to my personal favorite flashlight site, This guy has done some serious work on reviewing flashlights.
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Thank you for shining a light on this.
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Those purse lights are so cool. Something new to look for on Ebay!
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This is really enlightening. Definitely a bright spot in my day.
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I recently bought a 25w Xenide, and it is really bright. You can see the light on my backyard wall in full sun and it was visible on some clouds the other night. But then I came across the 50w XeRay HID searchlight. It is almost 4 times brighter than the 25W Xenide. I can not wait to fire it up.
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I too love the HID, I really want a Surefire HellFighter, but I just can't justify the obscene cost.

Really, I don't have a .50 M2 that needs to have a weapon light mounted to it.

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Alas, somehow I had the idea that a "flashlight" museum would be a museum that you had to explore by flashlight.

Apparently the idea fascinated me enough that I failed to realize how the poster could not possibly have meant this.
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