Personally, I've always found Santa Cruz kind of creepy.
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From 1999 to 2004, a slew of bands, either unknown, faintly famous, or about to go on to larger levels of exposure played in the clubs and houses of the Santa Cruz independent "rock" scene, and were recorded for anthropological purposes.

All the music/mp3s offered here can't really be downloaded, but if you were 'part of the scene' back then, maybe you can relive some pleasant memories.

[DISCLAIMER: I know the guy responsible, and a couple of the bands. Also, this is my first post.]
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You left out the most (only?) famous band in the list! The Shins. For you Garden State fans, track 6 is New Slang and track 5 is Caring is Creepy.
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That's a really cool project, Minus215Cee. Thanks for posting it here. I really liked the Microphones set.
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It's worth noting that the band in the "unknown" link is Get the Hell Out of the Way of the Volcano, aka Khaela Maricich, aka the Blow.
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And even some little wings! score!
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Minus215: Would you happen to know any of the people in Out Hud? I've been following their recordings for the last 10 years or so, and I'd love to have a copy of these, but I wouldn't know how to reach any of them to get the needed permission email.

Also: The rest of these are really good too.
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Oliver Brown! Yay! I left Santa Cruz in 1996 - but I've often wondered what happened to him...
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Okay so there are familiar people in the banner. I want the locations. Pallokaville, Stevenson, Laguna Lounge? Where? And where in the hell is Lesterjett?
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The Microphones touring for The Glow! Whoutte!
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God Damn, Arrington is a knob.
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Is it not cool to mention that you can easily download the mp3s using Safari's Activity window? If you wanted to do that sort of thing, that is.
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in spite of the disclaimer, from the guidelines:
Don't link to friends' or family members' sites.
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what, no meat pizza sandwich?

or am i showing my age?
posted by apostrophe at 6:57 AM on November 29, 2007

apostrophe, s soon as I saw that article reference 831, I knew the answer was "no,"
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oh yeah, everything was way cooler in the days of the 408.
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it's just that the bulk of the performances are from post-2000 and i split town in 1999.
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What? No Netwerk:Electric? (My younger son's band, now disbanded.)
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apostrophe, Greg from MPS was later in Sin in Space, which the site does have.
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Nuts, there's no Slow Gherkin. I thought they were the biggest thing going in SC during my high school years.

Though it is an awesome catalog nonetheless.
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smackfu: The Shins are simply not on my radar. Apologies for overlooking them.

tylermoody: I don't know anyone in OutHud, but I do have pleasant memories of a show they played in SF, at an anarchist zinespace/record store that doesn't exist anymore, the name of which escapes me. [waves fist in general direction of CA Bay Area, again]

Joe Gurl: I would have said 'douche' based on new shitty things I learned recently, but you've always been classier than me with the zingers.

msconduct: check yr memail. And, uh, 'My bad, dude.'

I should add that the site owner is not adverse to being contacted, and any specific questions about it's contents should be sent to him. The worst he can do is feed you beer and talk your ear off.
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Wow, I feel famous. Do I really talk your ear off Kelvin? I happen to recall a night in my kitchen where you talked without pause for 90 minutes straight.

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Welcome, postconsumer! Hey please get the venue info up somewhere!
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That feat would only be possible if I was a) upset, b) baked out of my gourd, or c), a) + b) + beer.

Ah, the hat-trick of instantaneous verbosity.

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