20th-century classical-experimental-electroacoustic music
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The Avant Garde Project is a bunch of experimental outofprint music digitized from LPs. Free. Available in Flac and 192 kbps MP3. Start off at the Archive.
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OK, there is some very interesting music here. This is a great post!

(And to think, I almost was having a productive Friday.)
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It's hard to believe Berio's Sinfonia never made it to CD. Highly recommended, features the Swingle Singers.
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And here I thought I would have nothing to fill my weekend now that the NASCAR season is over.

Thanks sushiw/j!
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Sinfonia is definitely on CD. I think Boulez conducted one of them, though another interpretation has better reviews (check amazon). Still I prefer the LP version, it's the one I first heard.
Cheers for the post! Brilliant stuff. A lot of names I don't recognize... Looking forward to the harry partch release!
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Can't find Sinfonia in the archives, where did you spot it Sticky?
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Wow, I've wanted something like this to exist since getting broadband, but the closest I could find was UBUweb (which leans more towards sound pieces and poetry that music). Thanks!
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glad to see this here too -- & better still that the AGP finally got some mirrors & mp3 hosts -- they've been the internet's greatest supplier of avant sounds (tho mostly torrent exclusive) for quite a while! great place -- each new upload is totally essential listening -- tnx! fer the links.

interested parties can find many other resources for sounds like these in the music blog network around fantastic sites like different waters, a closet of curiosities, continuo's weblog, wassonii, etc et c e t c.. . the list expands all directions but those places a start & most w/ great link lists. searching totally fuzzy usually yields interesting results.

(ps can't believe AGP hadn't yet been mefi'd!? -- kudos sushi)
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truly an amazing project, one i've been following for a while. an embarrassment of riches. at a glance, 18 and 80 are worthwhile. there are so many that i've never heard, just waiting for me. this is the kind of thing that redeems all of the worthless content on the internet.
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This is a good project. Thanks for the post.
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This guy "loudav" has been doing this for quite a while. Great stuff, and a great service. He's super scrupulous about sound quality and only digitizes stuff that isn't available at all.
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Mmmm. I love this.
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Holy shit! Favorited this a long time ago and finally checked out all the bands and songs on there.

Sacré bleu!! Ce fantastique!!
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