Gathering mountains
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Docu-Images of China and Tibet. Thomas H. Hahn is a Cornell professor and an excellent photographer. Themed collections include Chinese modern art, urbanisation and architecture, sacred mountains, religion, and historical photographs.
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Wow, a wealth of good stuff here, very nice. This is the kind of site one can come back to again and again. Excellent post, Abiezer, and I'd expect nothing less from Our Man In China!
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Exactly what I've been doing, flapjax - I found it having read one of his academic articles somewhere I think and anyway bookmarked. Had gone back to look at the historical pictures of Daoism and suddenly thought that there was plenty enough content to make a nice post. You get a sense of recent changes as he was first in China in the 80s it seems.
I also meant to add that some of the collections are by local arty photographers rather than Prof Hahn, but I'm sure the cunning userbase of MeFi worked that one out for themselves.
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This cunning segment of the userbase just wanted to say thanks - loving the site so far, Abiezer, but the rest of my explorations will have to occur post sleep.
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This is really cool - thanks Abiezer!
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nice links abe, thanks.
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