Best of Web... or so it claims
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Best Web Gallery is an inspirational gallery site where we collect a wide range of quality design websites (Flash & CSS). What is quality design means to us? Quality Design = Visual + Technical + Creativity. Also, Best of CSS design for 2007.
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It's inspiring and plain fun watching how far web typography and graphical design has come. Best part? That the sites featured all seem to have real and interesting content and weren't just eye candy.

Smashing Magazine also has a list of great web designs.
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all i'm seeing is pretty. most of these sites fail even the most basic accessibility rules of web design. this is less "best web design" and more "best looking web design". the two are very distinct, sadly many don't realize that.
posted by ruthsarian at 9:08 AM on December 3, 2007

Ugh. Flash is kind of like the personal automobile; a great idea so long as no one actually gets to use it.
posted by poweredbybeard at 9:13 AM on December 3, 2007

Well, at least only two of the "Best" crash Safari for me.

Seconding, ruthsarian. Just "pretty". Sort of.
posted by Thorzdad at 9:29 AM on December 3, 2007

....but did anyone spot that the slowest to download is the Serious Speed Dating site?
posted by Wilder at 9:41 AM on December 3, 2007

....but did anyone spot that the slowest to download is the Serious Speed Dating site?

Well hahaha, but seriously, that's only the first time you load. It's pretty speedy otherwise. That site is pretty damn silly, but it does have an impressive execution of Flex on it, and mixes it very well with interactivity. One of the best I have seen so far.
posted by psmealey at 9:49 AM on December 3, 2007

No one cares if it's functional... it just has to look exactly like the mockup the designers made in Quark.
posted by smackfu at 10:29 AM on December 3, 2007

I'm OD'd on Web 2.0 shiny sameness.
posted by rokusan at 10:35 AM on December 3, 2007

I like the first link. I agree with poweredbybeard about the Flsh sites though. I like to go to for inspiration as well. They update with another design every couple days or so.
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"What is quality design means to us?"

Apparently nothing having to do with basic communication.


We have over 3,000 visitors every day coming to browe our gallery for inspiration. It is best to advertise your design services, software, hosting, or any computer related products. We are now accepting banner advertisement. Your banner will appear on all pages at the right sidebar. Please send an email to for more information.

I'm sorry I've given them any page views.
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I've been dying to try sIFR typography but DAMN is it complicated to test and implement.
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They're all pretty, but they haven't inspired me much.
posted by athenian at 11:27 AM on December 3, 2007

I like the look of the site. Very nice.
posted by emilbus20 at 11:43 AM on December 4, 2007

But... the sites chosen for "best CSS design of 2007" just look like a bullshittillion other sites out there. The same design themes I've seen a lot of times before. I saw nothing new, nothing good, and I don't surf the web much, I believe.
posted by Termite at 1:47 PM on December 16, 2007

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