Face Your Pockets
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Face Your Pockets. "Our goal is to not only bring all these objects into light but show the owner of them. During the scanning process it is recommended not to open your eyes."
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Oh man, those are some gorgeous images. Thanks for pointing out this site.
posted by piratebowling at 5:18 PM on December 3, 2007

I wonder if #7 canceled his credit card yet...
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Similar Flickr group: The items we carry. It's a little bit more left-brained and less face-y though.
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Nice images. Thanks for posting this.

>iPod, iPaq, phones,
Yeah, I feel like yesterday's man, but #25 has more technology than I can shake a stick at.
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Re: items we carry

I got through around four images astounded that all those people clip their valuables like I do.

This is one of the best posts in a while. Rock.
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Single action army revolver. Is that legal?
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Awesome concept, especially how people can easily submit artistic, high quality and consistent images with such a common peripheral.
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Things I was expecting to see more of: cigarettes, condoms and tampons.
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In this TED speech, Nokia researcher Jan Chipchase talks about how they looked inside the pockets of people all over the world to try and determine what items people universally carry. They discovered three things: keys, money and cell phone. These items satisfy Maslow's hierarchy of needs: keys for shelter. money for food. cell phone for .. something (see the TED video).
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There are some really great images in there. Nice find.
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very, very nice - the faces are very compelling.
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Not so smart to scan your credit cards. *sends 20 OLPC XOs to Laos*
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It's lovely and yet creepy. The closed eyes and swirling hair are reminiscent of underwater images.
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Wow! People still have scanners!
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What, no cats?
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What amazes me most is that people carry this much stuff around in their pockets... (Granted, I carry a backpack around every day that most people comment: "good god thats heavy"..)

I'd wager that the content of the photos is more driven by peoples narcisstic nature to show off their stuff,... than it is an accurate portrayal of what they carry everytime they stand up to walk around. (either way, its still a fascinating psychological looking-glass)
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Seconding the second half of jmnugent's comment.
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I carry far too much stuff with me. My messenger bag is currently so heavy that I've pulled a muscle in my shoulder! It's because I'm so low-tech that I insist on carrying BOOKS. Sheesh. When will I learn?

Also: Oooh! I'm glad to see some Micron pens! (#3) I've got a whole pack of those in my bag!

(I added mine because I'm a nerd. Yup.)
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Oh WOW. This blew my mind. I mean, I know that people are in the army and carry guns, but to see an M-16 in the same category as chapstick... wow.
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