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Osocio is a blog that covers some of the best social marketing and non-profit advertising worldwide - whether it be through a careers fair, a "beauty" ad, or even through sex education.
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Jesus fuck.
posted by dersins at 2:26 AM on December 4, 2007 [1 favorite]

German version here (a bit more splatter-y).
posted by ersatz at 4:28 AM on December 4, 2007

(NSFW unless you construe it as an educative experience).
posted by ersatz at 5:36 AM on December 4, 2007

I knew I should have stopped with the fur coat one when I got to the anti-drug one. Yikes. Pass the brain bleach.
posted by fuse theorem at 5:51 AM on December 4, 2007

Wow, That's an eye opening blog divabat. Inspiring agenda. Cool post. I think those public service announcements included use shock intelligently.

The UNICEF ProAging one is poignant in face of the obsessive Western fear of signs of age. It's a gift to grow old enough to be able to get wrinkles.
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dersins: Holy fuck indeed, that's pretty horrible. And, I'd expect, effective.
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Thanks DivaBat. Nice find.
posted by k8t at 9:06 AM on December 4, 2007

"Jesus fuck" is actually a much, much too mild expression, in this case.
Pardon me while I go freak out quietly.
posted by signal at 9:21 AM on December 4, 2007

That chef ad for workplace safety is one of a number that was recently featured here.
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