Antonio de Felipe, Spanish pop artist
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Antonio de Felipe is a Spanish pop artist whose work is heavily influenced by pop culture, Hollywood, classic art and movies, animation, advertising, and simply growing up in Spain. Among the actresses he frequently depicts are Audrey Hepburn (as well as melding different sources) and Marilyn Monroe. He has also recreated some international masterpieces in pop art form. Some may be familiar with his work from the art he created for Pedro Almodóvar's film Live Flesh. Altogether, his work transcends national boundaries while still maintaining a distinct Spanish flavor.

Click "obras" on the first link to look at a selection of his work, including more homage to Velásquez.
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He's one of my favorite artists. I went to an exhibition of his work in Spain and was hooked instantly. I loved it so much I bought the exhibition's book, which contains many of the works I linked to. He sculpts as well, and the Catwoman/Mickey piece is a full-length, life-sized sculpture.

It was very difficult for years to find any of his work online, but now it seems there's a good representation out there.
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This is excellent. I love the Marilyn standing in front of Guernica.
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Another good artist in this style is Dal Lazlo.
Disclaimer: I made his site.
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[this is good]
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Gee, thanks for the introduction to this artist, cmgonzalez - nice post!
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This post is great (especially with Firefox's text to image add-on). Thanks!
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