Dance Craze
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Courtesy of Youtube, here are some performances from the 1981 movie Dance Craze: Nite Klub, Too Much Too Young & Concrete Jungle by The Specials; Three Minute Hero & Too Much Pressure by The Selecter; Ranking Full Stop & Mirror in the Bathroom by The (English) Beat; The Prince & Swan Lake by Madness; (Lets do the) Rock Steady & 007 (Shanty Town) by The Bodysnatchers and; Nee-Nee-Na-Na-Na-Nu & Lip Up Fatty by Bad Manners.

Sadly, I was unable to find a clip of The Specials’ rendition of Man in C&A from this movie, ‘which is thought to be the only known recording in existence of Terry Hall laughing.’
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I've listened to this record a hundred times but I've never actually seen this movie. I've been able to see the reunited Specials and various Dave Waekling incarnations (which were all fun), but I'm real envious of anyobdy that actually saw the Specials back in this era.
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Ska was so much more fun to dance to than disco. Thanks for the memories.
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Man, I love me some 2-Tone. If only I could view these at work.
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You've done too much, MrH. Thanks.
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I never knew that record was until just now. Cool.
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Takes me back to the days when we'd leave MTV on low volume just waiting for one of these bands to show up, because short of extraordinary measures like renting the film and a projector, that was the only goddamn way we were going to see anything like this in Binghamton NY in the early 1980s.
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In high school ALL of my friends were obsessed with this movie. I was embarrassed that I'd never seen it so I pretended I had. For 2 years. I was even invited to go see it but said no because I didn't want people to figure out I didn't really know it by heart like they did. So now, thanks to misteraitch, I'll be able to call up all of my friends from high school and talk about it. Of course, many of them probably won't know who I am anymore, but I'm sure they'll still be impressed. Thanks, misteraitch!

My first concert ever was the English Beat, though. So that was cool. (Although I did make an ass of myself in front of Ranking Roger a few years later and it still makes me wince when I remember it.) I also got to see Bad Manners and Madness. So, yay.
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From "The Specials" and "The Bodysnatchers".
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Yep, had this album in high school and listened to it repetitiously, along with angst ridden hardcore and others. It's a really great album that's stuck with me and occasionally I'll think of that Nite Klub line "What am I doing here? Is this the in place to be?"
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"I always wanted to be a rude boy".
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This is heaven... Been after a copy of Dance Craze for years. Back in the day I loved Two Tone and still do. I remember in the 80s when I was student putting on a white jacket and trousers a black shirt and a black and white piano keyboard tie and crashing a Bad Manners gig, one of the best nights of my life.
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I never had this album or saw this movie, but these bands were the soundtrack to a good portion of my teenage years. With this post and the Post-Punk one from a few days ago I feel like I'm in High School again. In a good way.
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Nice find - never knew of this movie. Always wished there were more ska in Urgh! A Music War. (previously)
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I used to know this movie by heart. It played midnights at various LA theatres in the early 80s, and if there were no decent gigs happening, we'd all go and dance this. IIRC correctly, the first song was the Specials, doing that slow dirge at the beginning of the song PHINC references, and just after Terry moans about spending money on beer, the tempo breaks out - and I'd be up outta my seat and skanking like a crazy girl. Shoot, I've still got my 2-Tone singles.
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It's a really great album that's stuck with me and occasionally I'll think of that Nite Klub line "What am I doing here? Is this the in place to be?"


I won't dance
In a club like this
All the girls are sluts
And the beer tastes just like piss

The Specials have always been a big favourite of mine. In terms of nite klubbing, I love the complacent, shoulder-shrugging despair of Friday Night, Saturday Morning, and these lines are pure observational genius:

The hen party has saved the night
Freed themselves from drunken stags
Having fun and dancing in
A circle round their leather bags

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(those friday night, saturday morning lyrics linked above are wrong more often than they are right)

I get in the taxi cue
Sitting Stand in someone else's spew
With Wish I had lipstick on my shirt
Instead of piss stains on my shoes
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I'd give some money to rent this and dance in a theatre again.
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* puts on cherry doc brogues & harrington jacket *

* dances *
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*skanks to the beat*
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* skinhead moonstomps *
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