Do They Know It's Advent?
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Word Magazine's Advent Calendar. The Man in Black in a field of white. Diana + (Flo and Mary) in Santa hats. "Weird Al"'s post-apocalyptic Xmas. Thin Pistols/Sex Lizzy serenade Kenny Everett. Grace Jones uncrated for Pee Wee. And that's just the first five days.
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I miss Leslie's advent calendar. Just sayin'.
posted by grubi at 7:58 AM on December 5, 2007

3. "Weird Al" Yankovic, with a number he probably came to regret as time passed.

No, I think he's still prouder of that one than this one.
posted by wendell at 10:36 AM on December 5, 2007

Thanks, the sobsister, that's a great find.

Also, in reference to the Thin Lizzy/Sex Pistols thing, can someone explain Kenny Everett to me? He seems to have had Britain in some horrible fake boobs vise lock around 1980.
posted by Kattullus at 11:43 AM on December 5, 2007

This is the best. Sending it to my kid who is far away. Thanks.
posted by greenskpr at 2:18 PM on December 5, 2007

God almighty did that Tom Waits Christmas song bring a surge of joy to my wizened heart.
posted by Kattullus at 4:58 PM on December 5, 2007

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