Top 10 online point and click games.
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Top ten point and click games based on graphics, difficulty level and overall enjoyable gaming experience. (via)
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This is a bit misleading. At first I thought this was your standard 'Top 10 best games ever' list and I deplored the absence of the Monkey Island games, Sam N Max and so on.

Then I realised that this is a Top 10 list of free online point and click games with links for you to play them. Which is nice, I guess, but the FPP could have explained this a bit better, in my opinion.

Still, thanks for the link, UJ. I'll have to check these out later when I get home from work.
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This is the latest in a series that I like more than most of the ones listed.
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The Aztec games, the latest of which juv3nal linked to, are awesome, and less frustrating than some of the games that require you clicking accuracy down to the single pixel level.

See also the previously fpp'ed
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No love for the Anode and Cathode games?
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Thanks, you just ruined the rest of my workday.

Marked as favorite.
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Holy crap. I can't open any of those links, I'll be lost for months. Last time Samorost hit my browser it was all over for way too long.

*Paradoxically goes back to obsessing over Desktop Tower Defense*
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the FPP could have explained this a bit better, in my opinion.

Fair enough. I did throw the word 'online' in the title of the post, but I can see where you're coming from.

That said, if it were just one of those list things that everyone could just have a geek-fight about, I'd not have posted it. The fact that the links are there and you can play them online is pretty much where I found the worthiness.

Sometimes brevity works, and sometimes it doesn't. No biggie, I hope.
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Yeah, I think MOTAS (found via MEFI back in the day when I was waiting for the signups to open, I think) cost me many an unproductive afternoon. Must go back and see if I can get through it again now that my brain is 10% more addled.
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Come to think of it, I also liked the core series better than most of the ones in that list.

The gotmail ones are pretty consistently good. One of them made the list.
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There's also the eyemaze ones which are amazing despite not being escape-the-room type games.

can anyone tell I'm a flash game junkie?
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"Sometimes brevity works, and sometimes it doesn't. No biggie, I hope."
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Nah, no biggie at all, mate. What matters is that the linked site is cool, which in this instance it is.

I realise on re-reading my comment that it came off sounding semi-snarky, but all I was trying to do was offering some constructive criticism, and a bit more explanation for those people who decide to check out the thread first, rather than the link (which I seem to recall reading somewhere was a lot of us).
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I know this is slightly OT but for low-bandwidth time-killing gaming, I've somehow gotten back into the venerable NetHack game recently. Run it in any terminal window (doesn't look TOO much like a game, even at work), immense gameplay depth (even though it has extremely simple graphics... it has massive and often humorous, unexpected, or tragic interaction between gameplay elements), and playing on the NAO server lets you discover other players' actual corpse caches in random levels ("bones" files), watch other people play live (and send them in-game messages), and chat on #nethack on (where player deaths are also announced live in the channel by the bot Rodney in a style reminiscent of Edward Gorey). They're also pretty helpful on that channel.

The sheer low odds of actually winning the game lends a near-metaphysical attitude toward death and catastrophe that is not really present in other games, and since it is turn-based, you can walk away from the game (saving if you want) and return to it at any time.

Plus, it is the oldest computer game still in active development. This has to say something ;) And it seems to be gaining in popularity for some reason.

I probably don't need to mention at this point that it's an RPG, but if that's your style, check it out. At least to find out that a good game is not about good graphics...
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wow, I'd just like to say thanks for some great links, and thanks for managing to post them without descending into the mess the post below did.

Totally addicted to submarine now. F**k You, sleep!
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Previous MeFi threads on:
Crimson Room
Viridian Room
Attic Escape

It was the Crimson Room thread here which first introduced me to this addictive type of game. Thanks for posting the collection, Ufez!
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Oh no. MOTAS sucked my life away as did Samorost. This day's productivity is sunk.
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