"With the right access and equipment you can do anything."
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Creature discomforts. Aardman Animations has created a charming campaign for Leonard Cheshire Disability that plays off their much-loved BBC series Creature Comforts (for a sample of the original, try birds singing in Welsh or a classically disgruntled Brazilian jaguar). Be sure to check out the voices behind the characters.
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On the first link:

"Unfortunately the Adobe Flash 8 Player Plug-in has not been found on your machine or you have JavaScript disabled."

Lies, wicked little lies. But I am using a Mac ... Do you think they might have heard of those? Maybe they need to work on creating a more accessible website.
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Ive seen these about - hopefully they will be effective. Actually years ago I had an Aardman Laserdisc with all their best stuff up until like '91' Creature Comforts was ace - love the playful surrealism and the idea of creating animal Doppelgangers of real people. However, what had more staying power for me were the other, more adult animations like Ident and Going Equipped and the one where a puppet Shakespeare and a doll re-renact the whole corpus. I wish they would do more things of that intellectual grade (maybe they do but I've missed them!).
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These are charming: Nick Park and Aardman are so great. I think I have just about all of Nick Park's films on DVD. My 7-year-old, my wife and I all love all the Aardman stuff. Thanks for posting these.
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Aardman is wonderful. I also like the stuff they were doing before Nick Park came on board. I once saw an animation that was a recording of a weird interaction in a bank that was given the claymation treatment. I'll be damned if I can remember it's name but it was pretty great. Much cruder than the Nick Park stuff, but just as charming.
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Oh, and the behind the scenes documentary is certainly worth watching, here are parts 1 and 2.
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That's lovely, Kattullus -- so much so that I'm surprised it's not linked from the campaign's main site. Many thanks for adding it to the thread.
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The behind the scenes documentary was linked from the site but it was a bit hard to find.
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Doesn't work in Firefox on a Mac (PPC, at least), but Safari does fine.
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Cool, thanks for posting this. Random factoid: Nick Park was responsible for the dancing chickens in the video for Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel. (apparently if the youtube comments are to be believed, Aardman did the whole thing, which I didn't know)
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Thanks for this. I'm one of the ignorami - I'd seen snips of various things but didn't know who Nick Park/Aardman were previously. That whole Creature Comforts sentiment/style makes it a perfect vehicle for the disability message. Charming is right.
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Creature comforts! I love that show! I must drag out my DVD of it...
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...birds singing in Welsh...

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I'm one of the ignorami...

melissa may and MetaFilter to the rescue!
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I've seen this once when I was much younger on PBS, but never knew what it was called, or what the premise was.

Maybe its' because I just woke up, but it took me well into a second episode of the creature comforts videos to realize that these are animations of real people being interviewed. I was watching the petshop one, and some of the "animals" were fairly depressing, especially the snake, and chameleons. Exceedingly brilliant.
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... ignorami ...

I thought that's what happened when the ignorati did origami.
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Fun stuff, if you can guess the right browser to use. I got it on the third try. What a sadly inaccessible site.
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Thank you. As a Texan I had not seen these adverts. I cried.
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Coincidentally, today is Nick Park's birthday.
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"With the right access and equipment you can do anything."

Clearly the right equipment isn't Firefox.
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The US version of Creature Comforts was great. I can't believe they pulled it. I turned on to at least six people to it during the brief run and they all agreed it was some of the funniest tv they'd ever seen.


Firefox on a Mac working fine for me.
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The tortoise lays on its back, its belly baking in the hot sun, beating its legs trying to turn itself over, and it does.
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Ironies about the inaccessibility of an accessibility site aside, I got it just fine in Firefox (2.0.11) on a Mac.
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"I would like to live and to spend most of my life in a hot country. You know, in a hot country that I have the good weather and that I have the space and that I have the trees… I need a space with blue skies… that I have nice weather, that I can just have nice water you know to dive, to swim in… any part of the world, but hot! Name it and I go."

I know exactly how that jaguar feels (and that part of Creature Comforts never fails to crack me up). Thanks for posting this melissa may. I really loved the ads.
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The stick insects stick is a baby stick insect! Brilliant.
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This is all just awesome - love it, these clips have really elevated my day. Great post, Melissa May!
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I had the same problems viewing it in Firefox. Looking at the page source, the problem was that their Javascript falls over if you've blocked the Google Analytics tracker script. I disabled those rules in Adblock and then I could see the videos just fine.

(I blocked Google Analytics after noticing how much faster most pages load once you do that. Their server is relatively slow to respond.)
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Great post, thanks!
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Ahhh I love Creature Comforts! Here's the full "zoo" video which the jaguar clip comes from. It never fails to crack me up. Thanks for the post, melissa may!
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how its made: "just a tiny amount"
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Those are great - thanks.
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