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"What if I could get Neil Gaiman, our most fave author and fantasy writer, to help propose to my girlfriend?" A sweet tale of how Jason got Neil Gaiman to stage the proposal. (Video here. From Gravity Lens)
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That's pretty awesome.
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This is great

Maui actually failed to notice Neil's dedication because she was so starstruck. It took him about three times to actually get her to read the darn thing.

Maui (squealing, closing the book): Thanks!!!

Neil: Aren't you going to read what I wrote? You have to read it..

Maui (opening the book, shrugging, then closing it again): Thanks!!!

Me: You have to read the dedication...

And she bent over to give Neil a kiss, STILL not noticing what was going on.

Neil: You really have to read this...

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Aww. That is sweet. :)
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That is very sweet, and was very fun to read.
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Site seems to be b0rked. (maybe it got dugg?) In any case, here's the Google Cache
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never mind, it's loading fine now
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/gets all mushy
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It's a very cute story, lots of "awwws" from me too. Nice too that Mr. Gaiman thought it was the best part of his visit to the Philippines.
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This is great! Thanks.
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Really? It seemed kind of lame to me. But then I wouldn't want someone proposing to me on Oprah.
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This was just fantastically neat. Thanks for posting this.
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See Cytherea, if your fiance-to-be knew you well enough to want to marry you, they'd know what you'd find lame and what you wouldn't and would (hopefully) do something else.

Celebrate differences - pointing out that one person's romantic gesture seems lame to you is about as tolerant and relevant as "Your Favourite Band Sucks", or posting to point out how little interest you have in TFA.
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That was great, really cute.
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Really? It seemed kind of lame to me.

I was all set to let go with two barrels of maximum snark as well. Geeks, sci-fi convention, book signing, famed comic writers, marriage -- everything that I hate in the world, all rolled up into a single post.

But somehow it just kinda snuck under my skin and ended up making me feel all soppy inside. Bastards!
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I have fav'd this to help get me through the low points in exam studying, heh.

(No, seriously. It's that cute.)
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Man, I usually react to 'cool' proposals with a snarky hate, but .... yea, this would thrill me.
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Great story! A couple of additional links...

A mention in Neil's journal.

Maui's story: How Jason ruined my Neil Gaiman experience:
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Oops... missed gemmy's link... sorry!
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You know, I think I would marry just about anyone who got Neil Gaiman to ask me....
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That was very sweet.
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This made me smile.

Another cute wedding proposal brought to you by the cast and crew of Scrubs.
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Aww, that's really sweet.
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I hadn't planned on tearing up today. What a wonderful story.
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This is major stupid. This would be like if, God forbid, some woman wanted to marry me and convinced Janeane Garofalo to propose to me on her behalf. I'd melt into a puddle in my sneakers and be all like "Doris who?" It would not Wendell.

Yeah this ain't none too bright. What you do is you get someone that makes you look better in comparison do the proposing. Like Don Rickles for example. Or Carrot Top. Or that Screech kid who used to be on Saved By The Bell... if he bathes first.
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Major stupid? None too bright? How so? She did say yes!
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"Major stupid? None too bright?"

That's affirm.

"How so? She did say yes!"

I rest my case, Your Honor.
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A true story: my friend and his girlfriend loved the Old 97s, and had a soft spot for their sweet proposal song "Question." They went to go see the Old 97s in concert, and my buddy decided that he would get them to play "Question" and he would propose to his girlfriend as the song played. He somehow managed to meet one of the band members before the show and asked, would they play it so he could propose. The guy said, sure thing. My pal went and joined his girlfriend and some of his friends, some of who knew what was going on. My friend was very nervous, having no idea just when in the show they would play the song. He had the ring in his pocket. Between each song he got jumpier and jumpier.

They never played it. My friend found another way to propose and they have a daughter now, so it still ended well.
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