life cycle of an internet meme: a timeline of the nike "sweatshop" e-mails
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life cycle of an internet meme: a timeline of the nike "sweatshop" e-mails jonah and i have updated the original sweatshop page at to also run a sidebar timeline noting the spread of the idea around the world, as tracked through links on the web and stories in conventional media. justin time, too, since adbusters, the nation, and abcnews all put up stories about the e-mails today. and we thought it had peaked.
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Moth: please look at the MetaFilter Guidelines. Specifically the section on posting a link to your own site.
posted by pnevares at 10:24 PM on April 2, 2001

I caught this meme fairly early, January 27. That makes me, what, king? Pope? Lame?
posted by Mo Nickels at 1:44 AM on April 3, 2001

The article in The Nation is a personal account, My Nike Media Adventure, which has much to say about the relationship between traditional broadcast big-audience journalism and amorphous networked peer-to-peer communication. Very astute.
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I smite thee.
posted by SelfPostGuy at 7:30 AM on April 3, 2001

How many *Guys are there?
posted by sonofsamiam at 8:03 AM on April 3, 2001

This post, and the sidebar on the site, smack of "hey, look at me, aren't I cool!!!". This was funny for about a day -- and, true to the rule, once it reached meme status, it was pretty much dead.
posted by delfuego at 8:41 AM on April 3, 2001

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