Earle of the land of Imagination
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4 Artists Paint 1 Tree, a segment from Disneyland included on the recent DVD release of Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty, features the artistic process of one of my favorite painters and cartoon modernists, Eyvind Earle. If you've seen Sleeping Beauty, Lady and the Tramp, Paul Bunyan or Peter Pan, you're familiar with the fantastical and brilliant landscapes he produces. His paintings show a particular fondness for Big Sur and Central California.
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here's a company selling some greeting cards with his artwork.
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Nice post. Central and Southern California have a unique light. Earle seems to know that.
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Thank god that's not another 2 girls 1 cup parody. I was bracing for it.
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I grew up in one of Eyvind Earle's more frequent haunts, the Santa Ynez Valley. There's a gallery there in Los Olivos that often carries his stuff. If you have a chance to see any of it in person - DO. These web reproductions are a pale comparison to the real thing, especially this one. The serigraphs really have an amazing 3-dimensional, hyper-real quality. There is also a big coffee table book of his work out there that has some wonderful reproductions, if you can afford it, not to mention a travelogue - young artist bike across America in search of a vision...
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Wonderful; thanks! EE’s my number-1 guilty-pleasure painter-idol. Nobody I know of delivers such a high-octane ride to NeverLand... 200-proof; he leaves me drunk for days.
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