110%, Québec sports french TV show posted online daily
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110% is a classic convivial québécois sports Habs-centric debating talking heads french TV show, broadcasted every weeknight on TQS from 22:45 to 23:30 and daily episodes are posted online almost in their entirety (usually only missing some minor bumpers) at around 00:30 AM everyday, if you can figure out how to start the weird flash player (tip inside) and stand the chopping of the main part of the show in four randomly-sectionned parts.

In the tradition of La Ligue Du Vieux Poêle, 110% is hosted by Jean Pagé, formerly of La Soirée Du Hockey, Hockey Night In Canada (Youtube link to the classic theme song)'s french counterpart and features four rotating panelists, notably the somewhat-unpolished-for-TV former Habs coach Jean Perron, former NHL coach Michel Bergeron, former NHL player PJ Stock and journalist and blogger François Gagnon.

I would have gladly posted some hilights from the past and a recent live blooper where PJ Stock got to the set a few minutes late, but the video archives are apparently not kept online indefinitely.

If you have some difficulty starting the videos, don't wait idly forever: just right-click in the flash video window, select "Rewind", and voilà! No ads for you and the video loads after a few seconds.

Salut les vrais.
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God, I miss crunchy French.

Merci, jchgf.
posted by maudlin at 12:15 AM on December 12, 2007

C'est bien-bon, peut-etre meme mieux que c'a, mais c'est completement en Francais, ehn? Comment'ce' que tu crois que la reste des MeFits (en Francais c'est plus drole, ca) va le comprendre?
Aussi, c'a ma fait pleurais un tout-p'tit-peut. J'en-ai aucune raison pour quois, probablement que ca ma fait pensee a quand j'etais un 'ti gosse qui aimait LaFleur comme si il etait mon pere propre.

Ou, peut etre parce que en ecrivain, mon Fraincais y'est penible...

Merci encore.
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I respond to this show in a weird emotional manner, like the 'ti gosse you mention, Bklyn, and I took a chance and posted it on Metafilter's "Long Tail" during the night shift.

I can't quite put my finger on it, but I just enjoy the unforced, unscripted yet spirited (on good nights) charm of the show, which may or may not come across to people not familiar with the Montreal hockey culture. I feel like the guys would be there even if they weren't paid, and I pretty much always get a kick out of what is arguably a televised tavern discussion. It definitely appeals the little boy within me.
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eye merci jchgf, ca me rappelle du bon temps, ca. Je suis nee a Montreal et j'ai grandi avec les Canadiens sur la tv chaque semaine, et des shows au Forum aussi. Moi aussi j'adorais LaFleur sauf que moi je voulais le marier quand je serais plus grande :)

Thanks for the link jchgf. I miss Tele Quatre Saisons. And wow it's hard to type in French. I can write French no problem but keyboarding it is another matter.
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Boff, you should just put CKAC on your shower radio in you really want some Habs hyperbole.

P.S. Were you waiting for "le CH" to win a game before you posted this but settled for a point instead?
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Bklyn: es-tu Acadien?
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I grew up a Habs fans, but thanks to Stevie Y I say: Vive la roue à ailes!
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crowman, you're dead to me.
I don't even know you, and you're dead to me.
La roue a ailes! Incroyable! well, not so incredible, maybe.
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Ben moi j'ai grandi avec les Nordiques... pis j'ai abandonné le hockey quand le hockey a abandonné Québec! Quand j'étais aux États-Unis les Américains avaient pas l'air de comprendre que ça existe du monde du Canada qui sont pas intéressés au hockey...
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crowman, you're dead to me.

The Red Wings were dead things, but look at them now! The most successful franchise since the Edmonton Oilers. And #19 carried this club on his back until they hoisted their first cup in decades... I just couldn't help myself.

I do remember meeting the entire 1978 Habs club behind the old Olympia Stadium as a kid. I'll never forget it. They were all giants in overcoats smoking cigars. A different era for sure. LaFleur, Lapointe, Savard, Lemaire, Gainey, Dryden, Cournoyer, Shutt... wow.
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