Wrecked & Abandoned Sci-Fi Models
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The winners of StarshipModeler.com's "Wrecks" challenge are a mixed bag, with some absolutely incredible destroyed sci-fi models, both kit-built & free modeled, and dioramas. And then others that are less impressive.
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Great work. I like that "seafilm" used on the Planet of the Apes model. I'll have to find some of that stuff.
The Apollo scratch model is amazing.

This image is funny if you add your own Nelson "Ha Ha".
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Maybe my perspective is off because I work with professional model makers, but the winning model (which is, admittedly, impressive as hell) is the only one that doesn't look like it was built by an unskilled child.
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I've always thought that would be fun to try, and have sometimes spent five minutes looking at the battery cover from a remote control thinking about how it could be something else. I never have though, because I don't have a basement, let alone one full of glue, paints, and robot parts.

I'm surprised that these guys put so much obvious effort into something then go by with crap photography. Some dramatic lighting, decent backgrounds, and a good macro lens would do wonders.

(I did spend 6 months painting Warhammer 40k models in Jr High.)

Some good stuff if you overlook the action figures: kitbash.
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I agree with dersins - fun but amateurish. Still, i really enjoyed this. Another great post, jonson.
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I sunno, it;s kind of bothering me that these are all from some franchise or other. Is that some kind of bias in the selection, or do these people never just say "fuck it, I'm going to build something that looks cool that isn't based on some TV show/movie".
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I think it got MeFied.
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I do like The Thing one though.

"Sunno"? I must need coffee
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Right, because these would look so much better if they had also been designed from scratch.

I think the winners are beautiful and inspiring. The runners up.... not so much, but hey most hobbies are a learning process, which is why they are fun.

Seconding the need for better photography, but I can't help but wonder if it was intentional to prevent unauthorized re-use. A poorman's watermark if you will.
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I was hoping for stuff along these lines. But still: cool post.
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"Some good stuff if you overlook the action figures: kitbash."

Not to be confused with khitbash.
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Cool post. It seems there is some inconsistency in the rankings though. I mean, this better than this? Seriously?
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everichon - now that's the kind of thing I'm talking about.
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I'm embarrassed by how much I like the AT-AT one. This one was pretty cool too. But the rest don't rise much above what my pre-teen self did to models when he was sick of them. Usually it involved fire or at least a soldering iron.
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I think we wrecked it.
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Okay, someone tell me this was meant as a *wink-wink* joke. Otherwise, I'll feel really bad for laughing.
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Pff. If it was really wrecked it would have fallen over on its side.
posted by Artw at 11:37 AM on December 13, 2007

The winners are fairly impressive but as for the rest... me and my mates were doing much the same when were kids, using hot needles to put bullet/blast holes into Airfix kits.
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That At-At is pretty fucking cool. I still can't get anything else to load, but that was well worth it.
posted by OmieWise at 12:38 PM on December 13, 2007

The back story for The Curse of the Red Planet is a bit dumb, but it's not franchise! And it looks way cool to me, non-model-builder that I am.
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The Junkyard Dogs one is my favorite.
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Another great post, Google engineers!
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wait, what?!
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