"I think I was Ed Wood trying to be Steven Spielberg."
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Art Binninger was a sci-fi buff in the 1970s with the resources of the audiovisual squad at Vandenberg Air Force Base at his disposal. The result was Star Trix, a claymation Star Trek parody, that spawned three short films and Star Trix: The Flick (parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5). Art Binninger himself explains the whole saga on his web site.
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Cool, thanks. Did this inspire The Firm's 'Star Trekkin' music video, I wonder?
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Dreadful. Truly unfunny in every way possible.
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Dreadful. Truly unfunny in every way possible.

Personally, I think it has some DIY dorkiness that makes it perfect for Youtube, but I think the "Ed Wood of Claymation" also applies.
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