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Part 1 of 6 It is 1969...I'm watching TV and here's this guy on a Harley. Darn...this was new...major characters on TV shows did NOT ride motorcycles! He pulls up at a light and a fellow in a station wagon (remember station wagons???) says.. "taking a trip?", Bronson says "yeah"..the guy says "where to?" Bronson says "I don't know, where ever I end up, I guess"... That was the beginning of 26 episodes of "Then Came Bronson", I've wanted to take that trip ever since!

In "Then Came Bronson". Michael Parks played Jim Bronson, off on a tour of the US on a 883 Sportster.

The first link goes to part one of the second episode...where Jim helps an older guy (Keenan Wynn) rebuild his dusty bike, and rediscover what it all meant...
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

For those of you that weren't born yet in 1969, this show probably doesn't meet the action/adventure criteria of newer genre.. but, for us, back in the 60's, Jim Bronson took us on a year long roadtrip that most of us could only dream about. This episode with Keenan Wynn captured it all!

The whole season is available on DVD
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and, of course, as usual, I borked the last link to the only site I've been able to find that has the series on DVD
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I've been digging the new Twin Peaks box set, and it's great to see Michael Parks kickin' it like this. I have his records on vinyl LP and they're surprisingly good. "Long Lonesome Highway" in particular is excellent.
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I remember the MAD magazine send up.
"taking a trip ?"
"nah this is an ordinary cigarette"
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I wanted to take that trip too --- but only after reading Robert Pirsig.
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I watched this episode at the Museum of Radio and Television in New York quite a few years ago, after having heard about it for literally two decades from fans. It's worth noting that this wasone of the things that inspired Tarantino to track down Parks and cast him. And much of Tarantino's carer nowadays can be read as an extended love letter to Parks, in the form of the recurring character of Earl McGraw, who has shown up in From Dusk till Dawn, Kill Bill, and Grindhouse.
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I loved Bronson when I was a kid; Michael Parks was impossibly cool to an eight-year-old!

Also, I don't have to remember station wagons because I see them all around me every day. Only now they market them as "crossover SUVs" so as to make it easier for their owners to live in denial.
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Bronson was lame. I'm not wasting any more of my remaining life watching that bad imitation of Route 66. All I need to remember is the episode where he won a hillclimb on his "Sportster".

Sportsters were also lame, BTW.
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The blog Scooter In The Sticks covered this recently. I hadn't heard of it at all before that, and now I'm curious to know just how influential it's actually been.
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I'm old enough to remember this series. I am also old enough to remember that during the course of the show's run, my father bought a motorcycle and a watchcap.
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Produced by the guy who made Trek, Bob Justman
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This show was a favorite of TV's Frank from MST3K. I believe they worked in references to it a few times.
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Yes indeed, Chrysostom. Thanks to this post, the bit in MST3K's treatment of "Mitchell" where a man gets shot and falls from a motorcycle, and Joel quips "There went Bronson" finally makes sense to me.
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"Sportsters were also lame, BTW"
They rule hillclimb. scroll down
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I've never seen so much nose-rubbing and nose-scratching in any television show before. Both Parks and Wynn do it so much that after ten minutes I became convinced that the purpose of the show was to send coded messages to our agents behind the iron curtain.
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They rule hillclimb.

No, they don't.

Sportsters were underpowered, bad-handling, and fragile. For what one of them cost, you could buy two of a slew of other bikes that did everything better. The only reason Sportsters existed was so guys who couldn't raise the cash for a Glide, but had to have a Harley could get one.
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Of course, there was also this turkey.
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I meant for 1969! pre turkey
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