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Gutenberg-e now offers open access to Columbia University Press history ebooks. "These award winning monographs, coordinated with the American Historical Association, afford emerging scholars new possibilities for online publications, weaving traditional narrative with digitized primary sources, including maps, photographs, and oral histories." Found via a link to How Taiwan Became Chinese, one of the books available.
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I think I'll be reading Stalin and the Spanish Civil War too.
posted by Abiezer at 5:42 AM on December 19, 2007

Sweeeeet. My annoyance that they chose a name nearly identical to Project Gutenberg's is soothed by the quality of the stuff they're distributing.
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Yeah, XMLicious - at first i thought it was just a subsite of Project Gutenberg but it seems not, and couldn't find it previously posted here on a search.
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Excellent. Thank you!
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Amazing. Thanks.
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Not that anyone cares, but I think I actually ended up bidding against, and losing to, Andrade for an antique map of Taiwan that was on eBay two years ago. I'm going to start with this one too.
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I note that one of the features is the ability to comment. alexwods. Maybe you could get a late bid in on the grounds he's finished with it now? :D
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Fantastic. Having lived in Taiwan, I'll be very interested in How Taiwan Became Chinese, not to mention a bunch of the others. Many thanks!
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