Wow, isn't that... doing...? Wait.
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Alison Jackson takes paparazzi shots of celebrity lookalikes. (NSFW)

Old news I'm sure, but I hadn't seen a comprehensive post before and I thought it was worth it. Wikipedia. Guardian and BBC links are reasonably SFW (some buttocks).
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He actually has both hands full in that shot.
Jack would be proud :)
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These are fun.
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The Michael Jackson shot is priceless.
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The Michael Jackson shot is priceless.

Her image.

Then there is this photo of Jacko ("wrapped and bandaged") from this past weekend.
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It's been said that most people would rather see someone familiar/popular partially clothed then a compete stranger. Kudos to Jackson for capitalizing on this.
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I was actually referring to the photo of Jackson applying lipstick to his toddler child.
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What is her hangup with ironing?
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