Rocking around the Christmas Tree
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If you couldn't Guitar Hero III or can't afford Rock Band, or even if you're just not into rocking out, there's still one thing available make your holiday bright.
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That would be a lot cuter if it weren't the website of "a traditional ad agency as well as an interactive marketing company."
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/me shrugs.

I know it's from an ad agency, I still think it's cute. I'm sure that makes me a pawn in their machinations to mumble*something*mumble*cough*profit.
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Enjoyed. Much. However, scoring system scrapes, though.
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Makes me anxious to go do the real thing with the fam.

Otherwise LAME HARD BOOooooo
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Wow, there's a lot more notes in Jingle Bells than I originally thought.
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Music just isn't my thing I guess, because I'm about as good at that as I am at regular Guitar Hero.

Now, show me Pork Chop Hero and I'll teach you all how to rock!
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Oh snap, Blatant Accordion Hero rip off.
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This stuff is way too complicated for me. Someone needs to make a kazoo hero.
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You can ring my be ell ells
Ring my bells
You can ring my be ell ells
Ring my bells!
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Also: yo mods, FPP lacks verb.
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And they've all ripped off the original: FlĂžjteHero.
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The trick to mastering the drums in Rock Band is the kick pedal. You have to commit to it. Learn it. Love it. Once you get to the point where the moment you see orange, you kick instinctively, automatically, you're ready for the harder songs and levels. You are now a Master of the Bass Pedal, a Lord of the Kick.

Of course, there are drawbacks. One, for example, is when playing Jingle Bells on some website. You never know, but your instincts may take over and before you know it, you lash out with your size 12 galosh and put your toe right through the front of your desktop tower that you had moved to the floor to save desk space.

Oh well. At least I'll get a new workstation for Christmas this year?
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that was funny
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I'm pretty sick of the cowbell thing, but I thought this was amusing
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Cheap, available, and rocks! Sousaphone Hero!
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How can we have a story talking about Christmas music without hearing Jingle Rock Bell?
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This is great! Now I can experience one of the most annoying parts of church from the comfort of my own home on ANY day of the week.
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Make your status work for you--that is what the local Indians out my way did. Now some huge money-making casinos, all perfectly legal, have generated tons of money for the tribes, and all legal members of those tribes benefit to what is distributed yearly to them.
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I rather liked flute hero! I haven't seen one of these that incorporates an element of sustain before. Plus I always wanted to be a sort of twitchy blond chick.
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Ummm, Postroad, I think you posted in the wrong thread?

Loved the Flute Hero! Why was that easier than Jingle Bells? I thought Jingle Bells was supposed to be a cake song, really easy to play!

Incidentally, why have I never seen video of a real guitarist playing Guitar Hero, like, say, Cortex? Too embarrassed?
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I thought this was going to be a link to keytar hero.
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Believe it or not, there's no Triangle Hero yet. I should think that would have been a no-brainer.

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How about Catarrh Hero?

Maybe Qatar Hero?
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And they say wit is dead.
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