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IM IN UR MANGER KILLING UR SAVIOR. And for those who finish watching that video thinking "A lawful evil Paladin? WTF?", here's a video response. And, just because it's too good not to share... honor!

All three videos [via].
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Ah, the middle video was pretty funny. And I liked a good sixty percent of the first one.

The truly embarrassing bit is that, while watching video number two, I was all set to call him on his mistake regarding the Green Lantern's weakness to yellow before he corrected himself.

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I liked it. But, it could have been so much better if it used some injokes about the North American SNES release of Final Fantasy IV (known as Final Fantasy II in the States) and its translation by Kaoru Moriyama of Takashi Tokita's original storyline. So. Much. Better.
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That was so bomb
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I hate the fact that the niche humor which I enjoyed in eighth grade now passes for adult commentary. Still, I lolled.

But, seriously. Stop it, people. We can do better.
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Sometimes I wish YouTube had a "watch a clip of this film so you don't have to watch the whole thing but you can still get the gist of it" feature.
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They were decent overall, I mostly like them for the quality of actual animation made by guys doing it on their own.

It'd be super cool if Adult Swim would take notice of people like this instead of signing up another batch of the 'stylistically ironically horrible yet quirky because hey we're so hip amirite' animated shit they seem to offer by the shovelful in the years inbetween Boondocks and Venture Brothers seasons.
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For two guys making a traditional-style cartoon on their own the animation and voice work is startlingly good... the style reminds me a lot of The Venture Bros.

I could have sworn that the voice actor for the big guy also voiced one of the Monarch's henchman. Probably an intended imitation.
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It has a nice Venture Brothers feel... I loved it -- that was awesome!
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funny stuff.
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Really? I thought it was pretty lame.
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Different strokes, I guess... I liked the animation style, I find nerd humor funny, and it's impressive to me, particularly considering it's two guys making it.
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Ugh. Why does nerd humor have to be so consistently overwrought and tedious?
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You must hang out with some seriously awesome nerds, wfrgms, because that was only slightly exaggerated from my stand point.
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an armour rating of 20: the best armour you can have and still cast heal spells.

JC could have used some armour. That loin cloth wasn't worth shit.
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I'm with Doohickie on this. Painfully unfunny.
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I think people are over thinking this. It was funny if you think it's funny. I did. Thanks for the great post.
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Well, I was entertained, and I heartily recommend joedan's follow-up.
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Well, you were really hitting us, I feel that went from LARPing to assault and battery within the first ten seconds of the fight.

Man, if I had a dollar for every time I heard that.
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That would have been far more enjoyable if they had revised it down to three minutes.
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I thought it was funny.
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I thought it was funny too.
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